June 18, 2024

Article: 3dEYE Platform Updates (April - May 2024)

Discover the latest enhancements to the 3dEYE platform in our recent “Platform Updates” newsletter. We are excited to announce a 20% price reduction for our License Plate Recognition AI add-on, the launch of behavior-based loitering detection in production, and Plug & Play integration with Hanwha cameras. Additionally, we introduce the new 3dEYE Video Wall, showcase our collaboration with Milesight, and unveil our expanded partner marketing kit. Don’t miss our latest Knowledge Base updates for 3dEYE’s Gateway and camera connections and more.
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June 18, 2024

Welcome to the latest edition of the 'Platform Updates' newsletter, proudly presented by 3dEYE. Since 2014, our company has been providing the Pure Cloud Video AI and automation platform to the security industry. The platform seamlessly connects, migrates, and scales any IP cameras and IoT devices, leveraging the secure and robust AWS infrastructure.

✳️ 20% Price reduction for License Plate Recognition AI add-on

alpr .gif [optimize output image]

The recent "VSaaS Market Global Forecast to 2029" report by Markets and Markets identifies the cost of cloud solutions as a significant challenge for businesses. We address this issue by harnessing the cloud network effect, which not only ensures the highest relevancy in video AI but also significantly enhances affordability and scalability. Our approach allows us to provide top-tier solutions at reduced costs, helping our customers overcome financial barriers.

To further support our clients, we are excited to announce a 20% price reduction on our ALPR add-on, empowering businesses to stay competitive and ahead of the market with advanced, cost-effective video analytics solutions.

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🆕 Discover alternative way of proactive monitoring: 3dEYE Video Wall

Image videowall-1.gif

Introducing 3dEYE Video Wall featuring:

·  Lightweight design streamlined for efficiency and ease of use.

·  Separate authentication ensuring secure access without the hassle of frequent logins.

·  Automatic reconnection that maintains continuous monitoring by automatically reconnecting after disruptions.

Seamlessly display multiple camera feeds in real-time, enhancing situational awareness and response times.

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How to reduce false alarms with enhanced Behavior-Based Loitering Difference

Loitering UI

3dEYE Platform includes enhanced capabilities for detecting and tracking individual objects, significantly reducing false alarms. Client tests have shown a remarkable 98% improvement over traditional methods, drastically lowering unnecessary alerts.

To see the difference in action, please review the test results slide above, showcasing the contrast between camera-side analytics and 3dEYE cloud-based analytics. Our AI meticulously analyzes movement patterns, dwell times, and behavior to identify unusual activity of unique objects, making it perfect for applications in retail, homeowners associations (HOAs), construction site perimeters, and more.

Discover more about its versatile applications here.

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Milesight & 3dEYE unveil collaboration plans at ISC WEST launch event

Milesight 3deye launchr1000

The pop-up launch event organized at Milesight Booth  was attended by industry leaders and management of both companies talking about their innovative integrated cloud video management solution.  

This seamless Plug and Play integration sets a new standard in the cloud video management and monitoring industry. It offers unparalleled value and performance, featuring unique stream management capabilities that enable remote live video monitoring even in weak connectivity situations.

Watch the video of the Milesight & 3dEYE Launch Event to hear directly from the industry leaders and see the innovative solutions in action. Click here to watch now!

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🆕 Now available: expanded partner marketing kit


We are pleased to announce the availability of our Expanded Partner Marketing Kit. In addition to coding snippets from HTML web templates, the kit now includes a variety of marketing materials such as print brochures for vertical industries outreach, flyer templates, and sales presentations. Whether you are a solo operator or a corporation with a dedicated marketing department, our kit provides the tools you need to enhance your marketing efforts and effectively promote your business. Request these materials today here to advance your marketing strategy.

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3dEYE and Watchful collaboration resolves critical challenge


Crosbies Security Towers, powered by Watchful, faced a critical challenge in the dynamic security industry of New Zealand: reducing the volume of arbitrary notifications to operators and business owners while efficiently scaling their operations.

Before adopting the solution built by Watchful on 3dEYE platform, Crosbies struggled with a high volume of false alarms and non-critical notifications. This resulted in operator fatigue, decreased responsiveness, and inefficient resource allocation.
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Highlights from CANSEC 2024

cansec 2024-3

CANSEC 2024 showcased cutting-edge technologies, products, and services for land-based, naval, aerospace, and joint forces military units.

3dEYE team had the opportunity to connect with current and prospective partners among first responders, police, border and security agencies, and special operations units. Through these engagements, we reinforced our commitment to providing state-of-the-art surveillance and security solutions that meet the evolving needs of these critical sectors. Together, we are not just responding to today's challenges but anticipating and securing the future with innovative solutions and strong partnerships.

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🆕 Coming soon: AI Language Model for developer partners


Excited to announce the upcoming launch of our AI Language Model for Developer Partners. This new model is designed to revolutionize the way developers interact with and utilize different levels of advanced AI in their applications from LVL1 to LVL5. It features pure cloud video analytics that detect, identify, and track objects over time, outputting comprehensive data streams for enhanced analysis. Additionally, our model uses large language models to allow developers automating  decision-making, and ensuring efficient and accurate monitoring.
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