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Cloud Video Surveillance Platform

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Simplify and scale your video surveillance with 3dEYE Cloud VSaaS platform. Unify the remote control and system health monitoring of all IP cameras, hardware-free and store safely on AWS.


Compatible with any camera

Connect any stream source such as IP camera, CCTV, webcam and NVR to our video portal. Manage all aspects of video surveillance remotely

Powerful cloud analytics

Utilize cloud processing to cost-effectively deploy intelligent video analytics add-on across all cameras: object detection, heat maps, face recognition and more. Add camera-side analytics to 3dEYE UI for free.

Plug and Play

Connect your IP cameras in minutes and get to servicing your customers through the cloud right away with all-in-one platform: admin portal, customer video portal, customer mobile, web and executable apps, analytics suite

White-label option

Integrate 3dEYE cloud video surveillance platform as part of your own branded solution including the admin and video portals, and native iOS & Android apps. Your customers can also rebrand the video portal

Ideal for multi-site projects

Bring together hardware in several locations to efficiently manage all aspects within a single portal. Remotely adjust IP camera and check the health of your customers' sites, without a technician

True Cloud Security and Reliability

Enjoy 99,999999999% uptime promise by Amazon AWS. Avoid bridges, hubs and other unnecessary capex-adding gateways. Connect directly to AWS over HTTPS tunnel

Multi-level delegated administration

This structure is invaluable for a service that might span multiple layers of dealers, users and accounts

Private Cloud for Enterprises

Leverage your on data center infrastructure to deploy 3dEYE cloud video surveillance platform to your customers for more efficient scaling.

Scalable and Flexible Video Surveillance Platform with Cloud Analytics

3dEYE operates via Amazon AWS, the best cloud technology infrastructure in the world for redundancy and data security, but can also utilize any cloud environment including custom private cloud.

3dEYE offers HTML5 web browser video interface and comprehensive mobile applications for iOS and Android.

3dEYE video surveillance platform is infinitely scalable and flexible. Any ONVIF - supported IP cameras (Hikvision, Uniview, Axis, Vivotek, TVT, etc.) or NVRs can quickly be configured without additional hardware or software. Unlike traditional video management software, 3dEYE provides the freedom to connect and deploy installations on any type of device and allows users to login on the web or mobile to access the video with the lowest latency stream from anywhere, and anytime.

Face Recognition

Be notified immediately when a person of interest is recognised

Object and Scene Detection

Identify thousands of objects such as vehicles, pets, or furniture

People Counting

Determine the number of entering and exiting visitors with statistics in real time


Create useful heatmaps not just for indoor cameras but also for outdoor cameras where there is a lot of foliage movement

More about analytics

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Face recognition

What is 3dEYE?

3dEYE is a professional cloud-based video management platform available for integration or direct reselling. We provide security integrators the opportunity to deliver a fully featured web VMS at the industry lowest pay-as-you-go cloud storage plans. The platform can infinitely scale without the need of hardware gateway or software investments and is flexible for any application.
Object and scene detection

What do I use the 3dEYE platform for?

3dEYE is offering full range of services to the security, IT and telecom industry:
  • Integrate innovative Web video and administrative portal with native mobile apps for iOS and Android;
  • Support all ONVIF cameras and hardware as well as generic CCTV cameras;
  • Archive footage directly to the AWS Cloud or setup a combination of edge/cloud recording;
  • Choose to setup a private cloud in your own data center;
  • Leverage cloud computing to layer intelligent video analytics;
  • Remotely manage all aspects of security cameras across many locations;
  • Set highly customizable user permissions and flexible alerts with schedules;
  • Access API for integration with existing alarms or access management systems;
  • Enhance your branding with white labeling option.
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"Based on the innovation developed by 3dEYE we are very competitive on the Brazilian market of video surveillance. Never have 3dEYE failed us, and they have always been on time, making them a reliable partner to us."

Rubem Henrique

CEO & Founder at Urbanii, Brazil

"3dEYE offers unprecedented online cloud based video surveillance and management capabilities that we use efficiently in Canada to manage our operations in Israel, USA and the Caribbean."

Max Kreynin

Managing Director at Voxme Inc., Canada

"From our very first meeting, we felt comfortable and confident that not only was the 3dEYE platform superior, but that the delivery, installation, training and after sales service would be top notch."

Cameron Covington

Owner at Siteview Pro, USA

“The power and ease of use of 3dEYE has given us a real competitive advantage in securing key customers in the manufacturing, infrastructure and retail sectors.”

Eugene Bodyakin

CEO at Alfatech Surveillance Inc., Canada

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