The Power of Pure Cloud Video AI Analytics: People Counting

Gain insights into the real-time presence, movement patterns, congregation areas, and peak occupancy periods in a given area with 3dEYE's pure cloud video AI. Utilizing the people counting  insights enables informed planning, prompt action, and enhancements to service quality, operational efficiency, and overall profitability.
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AI Analytics and Machine Learning

Leverage 3dEYE Pure Cloud People Counting for:

Efficient Professional  Monitoring:

With AWS-hosted pure cloud AI, security cuts false alarms by 80%, ensuring 99% accuracy.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Understand customer behavior, improve service delivery, and optimize layouts based on foot traffic insights.

Business Intelligence

Utilize precise analytics for informed marketing strategies, facility planning, and revenue optimization.

Key Features:

Advanced Selection Tools

Utilize tools for precise object identification and selection within footage.

Visualization Controls

Toggle overlay, heatmap displays, or hide selected regions for comprehensive analysis.

Object Classification

Customize search results by selecting specific object types based on configured detection rules.

Confidence Slider and Object Recognition

The confidence slider influences displayed results, reflecting algorithm-certainty levels. Objects with high contrast yield higher confidence levels, while lower confidence may include objects resembling but not accurately classified.

Object Tracking and Visualization

The confidence percentage is showcased within the object's bounding box. Users can attach the results list to the screen's edge or detach it for customizable positioning.
Use Cases

Applications of People Counting AI Technology

Discover the far-reaching applications of People Counting technology in various sectors. From transforming retail analytics to revolutionizing crowd management, security enhancement, resource optimization, and urban planning, this technology reshapes industries. Experience its impact on efficiency, safety, and informed decision-making in retail, public spaces, transportation, healthcare, and beyond.

Retail Analytics

Utilize People Counting to monitor foot traffic in retail stores. Analyze customer movement patterns, peak hours, and popular sections to optimize store layout and staffing.

Crowd Management

Efficiently manage crowds in events or public spaces by accurately counting the number of people. This aids in ensuring safety measures, controlling occupancy, and regulating traffic flow.

Security and Surveillance

Enhance security measures by detecting and tracking unauthorized number of individuals within specific areas.

Smart Buildings

Implement People Counting for smart building management, optimizing space utilization, and resource allocation based on occupancy data, thus improving energy efficiency.

Transportation Hubs

Monitor passenger flow at transportation hubs like airports or train stations for efficient crowd management and scheduling.

Workplace Safety

Ensure compliance with safety protocols by monitoring the number of people in designated areas, aiding in maintaining safe working conditions.


Utilize People Counting to manage guest flow in hotels or restaurants, improving service efficiency and optimizing staffing based on demand.

Public Safety and Law Enforcement

Aid law enforcement agencies in tracking crowd movements during events, demonstrations, or public gatherings, enhancing overall safety measures.


Manage patient flow and waiting times in hospitals or clinics, ensuring a streamlined and efficient healthcare service delivery.

Urban Planning

Use data derived from People Counting for urban planning purposes, such as optimizing traffic flow, understanding city dynamics, and planning public infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the  3dEYE People Counting ai analytics module
What is People Counting in AI Analytics?
People Counting AI Analytics involve leveraging advanced algorithms to identify and count individuals within a camera view or a specific area in a camera view. It enables the precise detection and statistical analysis of people, offering insights into their movements and presence in specific areas.
What tools are available for precise object identification within a video?
The AI Analytics suite provides users with versatile selection tools, including square select and free-draw, facilitating precise object identification and selection within the camera views. These tools aid in refining the search for specified objects in designated areas of an video.
Can users customize search results based on specific criteria?
Yes, users can customize search results by applying filters such as date, color, and confidence. This customization allows for a more refined and tailored approach to object detection, classification and counting.
What impact does the confidence slider have on object detection?
The confidence slider influences the displayed results by reflecting the algorithm's certainty level in object identification. Higher confidence levels are assigned to objects with clear features, while lower confidence levels may include objects resembling but not accurately classified.
How does 3dEYE Pure Cloud AI Analytics operate in relation to object identification?
3dEYE Analytics operate from the time of activation and configuration in the Admin portal. Archives collected before the analytics activation won't be classified, emphasizing the need for configured object detection for accurate and comprehensive results.
Is the People Counting data accessible via API keys?
Yes, People Counting data is accessible via API keys, enabling users to develop customized reports and automated algorithms based on real-time data obtained through the People Counting.
How optimized is the technology for varying camera resolutions?
The technology is designed to function effectively across a wide range of resolutions. However, ensuring clear visibility of the objects within the frame is crucial for optimal performance.
Still have questions?
Please access our comprehensive Knowledge Base to obtain detailed information on how to set up, troubleshoot and leverage People Counting.
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