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Pure Cloud-Powered Integrations

3dEYE API - Streamlined Connectivity

Dive into our robust API suite enabling effortless integration.
Connect your systems or applications to the 3dEYE ecosystem for :
Live Feeds
Archived Content
Real-Time Data
Ensuring a cohesive surveillance and live video monitoring environment
Dashboard mockup
Installation Code Example:
npm install @3deye-toolkit/react-camera

Usage Code Example:
import React from 'react';

import { app } from '@3deye-toolkit/core';
import Camera from '@3deye-toolkit/react-camera';
import '@3deye-toolkit/react-camera/dist/react-camera.css';
.init({ token: YOUR_TOKEN_OBJECT });

App() {
return <Camera cameraId={23529} style={{ width: 640, height: 360 }} />;

Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
Demo Code Example:
import "./styles.css";
import "@3deye-toolkit/react-camera/dist/react-camera.css";

import { app } from '@3deye-toolkit/core';
import Camera from '@3deye-toolkit/react-camera';

const token = 'my_token';

init({ token });

export default function App() {
 const style = {
: "flex",
: 400,
: 200,
: "auto",
: "both",  

return (
cameraId={53260} style={style} />

3dEYE Web Client SDK and Toolkit - Empowering Developers

Craft dynamic applications with our diverse set of tools. Tailored for developers, our platform portfolio expedites feature-rich surveillance and live video monitoring applications, offering customization, control, and innovation within the 3dEYE pure cloud platform framework.
Create cloud-enabled solutions for a broad range of industry verticals beyond physical security leveraging customizable tools, allowing deep integration, branding, and specialized functionalities for a unique user experience.
With a robust set of APIs and developer tools, businesses can customize their user experience, enhance functionality, and integrate 3dEYE  features into their existing systems. The toolkit provides a modular and scalable architecture, enabling developers to build applications that cater specifically to their unique needs. Whether it's extending core functionalities or crafting entirely new modules, Acme, Inc.'s Web Toolkit offers a versatile solution for businesses looking to optimize and personalize their digital ecosystem.

Discover the Power of Our Platform through API Methods

Unleash the true potential of our platform with a comprehensive set of API methods designed to streamline your experience and automate repetitive tasks.

Understand the Power of API Methods

Explore a wide range of API methods that open up endless possibilities for enhancing your platform experience. From streamlining workflows to automating mundane tasks, our APIs are here to empower you

Tailor the Platform to Your Customer Needs

With our extensive API collection, you can tailor the platform to fit your unique requirements. Customize workflows, integrate external tools, and access crucial data to optimize your efficiency.

Simplify Routine Tasks

Learn how to use API methods to automate repetitive tasks and save valuable time. Say goodbye to manual processes and let our APIs handle the heavy lifting.

Harness Control Over Platform Features

Our APIs provide granular control over various platform features. Effortlessly manage settings, permissions, and user interactions to create a seamless experience for your team.

Extend Platform Functionality

Unlock additional functionalities by leveraging our API methods. Seamlessly integrate third-party applications and services to expand the platform's capabilities and enrich your workflows.

Stay Updated with Comprehensive API Documentation

Access our detailed API documentation, enabling you to quickly understand the various methods and their implementation. Stay informed about updates and new releases to keep your integrations up-to-date.

Realize Improved Efficiency and Productivity

By leveraging our APIs, users can significantly enhance their workflow efficiency and overall productivity. Discover how other users have benefited from integrating our APIs into their processes.

Troubleshooting and Support

In case of any challenges during API integration, our dedicated support team is ready to assist you. Learn about common troubleshooting tips and how to get the most out of our support resources.

Empower Your Workflow with Our Platform's API Methods

Optimize workflows, automate routine tasks, and unlock new capabilities through seamless integration with external tools and services. With our detailed API documentation and robust support, embark on a journey of enhanced platform utilization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the  3dEYE API, Web Client SDK/Web Toolkit
Where can I find more technical information or support for integrating 3dEYE solutions?

For additional technical information or support regarding the integration of 3dEYE's API or web client SDK, please reach out to our dedicated support team through the provided contact information or support links.

How can I start integrating 3dEYE's API into my applications?

To begin integrating 3dEYE's API, please sign up for a 3dEYE account, follow our step-by-step guide available in our developer documentation in the 3dEYE Knowledge Base. It covers the process from registering on the Postman website to obtaining API keys, generating tokens, and retrieving specific event data.

How customizable is the 3dEYE Web Client SDK?

The Web Toolkit allows for extensive customization, providing tools for tailoring surveillance experiences to meet specific needs. It enables branding, deep integration, and the incorporation of specialized functionalities for a unique user experience.

Can I retrieve Event data using 3dEYE's API?

Yes, our API methods facilitate the retrieval of Event data. Refer to our developer documentation for detailed instructions on utilizing these methods efficiently.

Can I retrieve Event data using 3dEYE's API?

Yes, our API methods facilitate the retrieval of Event data. Refer to our developer documentation for detailed instructions on utilizing these methods efficiently.

What tools does the 3dEYE web client SDK offer to developers?

The 3dEYE SDK provides a comprehensive set of tools, including libraries, debuggers, and code samples, empowering developers to create innovative and feature-rich surveillance applications efficiently.

How secure is the integration process using 3dEYE's API or web client SDK?

Security is paramount in our integration tools. Our API and SDK adhere to industry-leading security standards, ensuring secure data exchange and protection against unauthorized access.

Can I leverage the 3dEYE API for real-time data access?

Yes, the 3dEYE API facilitates access to real-time surveillance data, including live feeds and instant notifications of suspicious activities or events.

Still have questions?
Please access our comprehensive Knowledge Base to obtain detailed information on how to set up, troubleshoot and leverage API, Web Client SDK/Web Toolkit 3dEYE integration solutions.
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