Cloud video surveillance as a service

Hybrid Video Surveillance System (cloud/local)

Company: Fiera Foods Company

Location: Canada

Business challenge

Fiera Foods is an established and growing bakery goods manufacturer providing product for the Food service and Retail market channels with premium quality bakery goods for over 25 years.  They have several manufacturing locations in Greater Toronto Area and over 800 cameras installed at various locations.  Fiera Foods needed a solution that would simplify the monitoring of multiple locations and provide them with reliable and smooth video management for remote access and on premise security guards.

Fiera Foods also needed access to analytical information, as well as integrate with their varied existing camera base.  They needed an agile solution that would keep them updated on camera status and give them the flexibility to manage their user permissions for different levels of security.


3dEYE provided a hybrid cloud solution independent of existing hardware and no need for new software.  To bypass the bottleneck of upload speeds in the industry, a turnkey hybrid solution was crafted including local DVR, cloud storage and video streaming and a management system to regulate traffic between local and cloud networks.  The cloud streaming provided Fiera Foods management universal access to cameras from any remote location, removing the need for physical presence on site.

“3dEYE system has made it extremely simple to view monitor and control my cameras across multiple locations without having to be there.” –Sergey Vialykh, Chief of Engineering Department, Fiera Foods.

The cloud solution provided Fiera Foods with an extra level of redundancy in their storage, having a copy in local storage as well as cloud servers.  Fiera Foods was also equipped with video analytic events and sensor alarms which are delivered in real time through HTML5 Web UI or over push/SMS to mobile.  Full management and administration portal is provided for convenient cloud and server management.

“3dEYE has made it easy to stay updated about location status.  Sensor alarms let me know if freezers are out of ideal temperature ranges and scheduled camera motion alerts notify us if anything is out of the ordinary.” –Nikholas Greben, ASRS Location Manager, Fiera Foods.

3dEYE’s limitation free system allows Fiera Foods to freely add cameras for future expansions without having to worry about specific camera models, proprietary software or expensive installation fees.  3dEYE is a scalable and expandable software solution for video surveillance and will grow alongside with the company.


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