Cloud video surveillance as a service

Cloud solution with older CCTV system

Company: McDonald's

Location: Maryland, United States

Business challenge

An internationally successful fast food franchise, McDonald’s franchise locations in the Maryland area needed a specific security solution.  Cameras were operating on limited bandwidth (100 kb/s) and stores had existing aged surveillance CCTV technology. Previously recording in JPEG video format along with analog cameras hooked up to an older DVR system, McDonald’s was having issues managing security across multiple locations without remote access.  The franchise needed a more reliable backup system and way to record motion triggered events.

All in one solution, incorporating old system and transforming into cloud based with ease and grace.

McDonald's required a more specifically tailored security solution for their needs.


3dEYE connected McDonald’s old surveillance equipment to 3dEYE software, successfully converting JPEG video into h.264 streams. Now the security streams were stored on cloud and were accessible through modern browsers, tablet and mobile devices. This made it possible to manage multiple scattered locations from one device and login.  3dEYE made it possible to overhaul the previous security system into one easy to use, reliable interface.

“[The] UI is reliable and easy to work with.. makes managing multiple locations a breeze.”

Cameras were set up with motion alerts outside of business hours to capture unauthorized / suspicious activity. Schedule, user permissions and all management options are customizable through the administration portal, giving McDonald’s full remote control of their security.  The cloud solution provided McDonald’s with secure offsite redundant storage through our Amazon S3 servers.  Events are generated on a trigger basis with email alerts and License Plate Number recognition incorporated.  3dEYE is scalable and will easily adjust to the growing franchise’s needs for additional locations.


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