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The best enterprise cloud CCTV video surveillance and analytics solutions for companies and cities

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Learn more about our enterprise cloud video surveillance solutions for various industries

Smart Buildings and Cities

Rolling out cloud video monitoring across your building or city should be fast and cost-effective. Remain scalable and flexible when deploying across existing and new security cameras. Centralize monitoring and control multi-site surveillance in real-time.

DOT (USA), Transport Canada, MTO and Dutch Ministry of Transportation

Secura Integra


Rest assured your cloud video is encrypted, compliant, and protected from the public internet. Consumer data is protected, compliant and always available.


Optimize daily operations with a flexible scalable VSaaS platform. Secure your store and gain useful insight into consumer behaviour and trends.


Property Management

With a cloud-hosted video surveillance system, building a reputation for safety makes it easier to reduce liabilities and create a safer environment. Unify multi-site surveillance and partition access to appropriate parties.


Secure critical properties and ensure that all health and welfare standards are met by personnel.


Leveraging a cloud VMS makes building a reputation for protection easier while reducing liabilities and creating a healthy environment.


Strengthen protection and create a healthy learning atmosphere for students and employees.


Operating distributed locations for manufacturing in a secure and responsible way might be a daunting task. Our cloud platform helps integrators and operators achieve their goals with an elegant centralized cloud solution.

Fiera Foods

Public Sector

Whether you plan to roll out a community surveillance campaign on a municipal level or equip your law enforcement unit with an innovative cloud video surveillance solution you can rely on 3dEYE.


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