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Cloud ALPR System

Cloud-based ALPR/ANPR Software for parking, police and border enforcement

3dEYE, a leading provider of cloud-based video surveillance solutions, is proud to announce the rollout of its latest product – the Cloud-Based Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALRP) system. Our new Plate Recognizer is part of our overall long-term strategy of developing our own cloud AI analytics that is unmatched due to the scalability of AWS infrastructure geared towards big data.

What is Cloud-Based Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALRP)?

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALRP) is a familiar technology taken to a new level of practicality, precision and offers you a way to leverage existing installations to identify and track vehicles by license plate. The technology can solve new problems using existing technologies. Track and find the objects you need with real-time license plate reading and recording, spot the differences, and track any vehicles by their license plate.

ALPR Use Cases

Our cloud number plate recognition system can be used in various industries and settings

Parking Lots


Public Catering


Grated Entry

Drive Throughs

Fleet and Dispatch Control





Why Choose 3dEYE's ALRP?
What is Cloud-based ALPR by 3dEYE?
What is unique about 3dEYE's ALPR technology?
Where can ALPR be used?
How do I activate ALPR on my security cameras?
Which security cameras are suitable with the ALRP by 3dEYE?
Is there a particular geographical region that is supported?
Do I have to ensure compliance with local regulations?
What is the minimum picture quality that LRP can read?
How much does LRP performance depend on conditions, such as dirt or moisture on license plates?

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