April 26, 2023

Article: Scaling Cloud ALPR Analytics to Existing IP Cameras

3dEYE's cloud-based ALPR add-on can be easily implemented to any existing IP cameras without requiring new hardware investments or development.
Published on
April 26, 2023

The use of video analytics can significantly enhance the effectiveness of surveillance software. 3dEYE's cloud-based VMS acts as a digital security guard, continuously monitoring properties for any suspicious activity. With the integration of cloud-based Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), users can further improve site security by detecting authorized and unauthorized vehicles, repeat offenders, and enhancing visitor management and access control.

3dEYE's cloud-based ALPR add-on can be easily implemented to any existing IP cameras without requiring new hardware investments or development. Compared to traditional on-premise ALPR systems, cloud-based ALPR by 3dEYE offers four main benefits:

  • Scalability: The cloud-based ALPR analytics can be activated per-camera and can scale up or down based on customer needs without requiring additional hardware or infrastructure investments.
  • Higher level of confidence: The 3dEYE ALPR analytics model is not limited by on-premise hardware's processing power. The AWS public cloud unlimited computing capacity enables infinite machine learning capacity, making the 3dEYE ALPR analytics more accurate and reliable.
  • Accessibility: End-users can access cloud-based ALPR analytics from anywhere and at any time using a web browser or mobile app, allowing them to remotely monitor security systems without physically being present on the site.
  • Affordability: By eliminating the need for costly hardware and maintenance expenses, cloud-based ALPR analytics is a more cost-effective solution for many customers. This removes the necessity to replace cameras with specialty ALPR cameras and recorders.

Cloud-based ALPR analytics can protect valuable assets and ensure the safety and security of sites. Several security applications can benefit from cloud-deployable ALPR, such as traffic management, fleet management, asset tracking, parking management, and public safety and law enforcement. It can monitor parking lots for unauthorized vehicles, control access to secure areas, monitor traffic for suspicious activity, and locate stolen vehicles or high-value assets to prevent theft or misuse.

By utilizing cloud-based ALPR analytics, security personnel can receive real-time alerts when a vehicle violates a policy or enters a restricted area, enabling a quick and effective response.

The 3dEYE cloud VMS platform also provides additional cloud-deployable AI analytics, such as object detection, tracking, classification, color search, heat maps, face recognition, area search, smoke, and fire detection. Visit the AI cloud analytics webpage today and sign up for a free trial to learn more!

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