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White Label & Co-Branding for Cloud Video Surveillance

Build your own turn-key white label solution with the blocks provided by 3dEYE pure cloud video surveillance platform including the admin and video portals, native iOS & Android apps, alarm station and all available integrations and add-ons.
Brand Customization

Included Co-Branding

Customize your portal experience: Personalize login pages and subdomains with your unique branding elements. Tailor video portal themes to match your color scheme.

Branded Login Pages

Customize the login pages of the alarm station, video and admin portal by uploading your own logo, background and favicon

Custom Subdomain

Create a custom subdomain aligned with your or your customer's branding for a seamless and cohesive integration within your ecosystem.

Color Scheme Customization

Restyle video portal themes, emails, and shared pages with your preferred color palette or brands style guides.

3dEYE will still be seen in the URL and copyright mentions. No extra fees are charged for such customization, it is an integral part of the platform functionality overall. Please note that the mobile apps are not customizable in this scenario and your clients will login into 3dEYE-branded IOS and Android apps.

Total Customization

Complete White Label CCTV Package Elements

Craft your branded surveillance hub: Get custom apps, portals, and security features. Enjoy exclusive domains, branded alerts, and seamless integration options.

Branded Mobile Apps

Custom iOS and Android apps reflecting your branding, logos, and design, ensuring a consistent user experience for you and your clients.

Admin and Video Portal

Admin and video portal with login page, fully customized with your logo, favicon, styles оr HTML

Domain Name

Personalized domain names such as and for a unique and memorable online presence.

SSL Certificate

Secure admin and video portals with SSL certificates to ensure data protection and user security.


Deliver branded email alerts maintaining a consistent brand identity across communication channels.

Sharing Page

Share content seamlessly using a branded page, extending your brand experience to shared content.


Web components and API available for further detailed customization
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