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Cloud Video Service for Your Business

Get ahead of your competition and offer your clients to drive traffic to their business by embedding live stream and sharing the excitement at an event, exhibit booth, or beautiful venue with the help of our platform's cloud streaming.

3dEYE cloud video streaming solution is embedded for your viewer's convenience free of any advertising content so that you can rewind to a certain point of time in the past, pause, take a video snapshot, and more.



Cloud Video

Now video stream is transmitted directly from the cloud, so there is no additional load on the camera or local internet connection.

HTML 5 Player

With HTML5 video, visitors can easily and successfully watch your streams from anywhere, at any time and hassle free.

Recording & Events

Now you can allow your visitors to view archived recordings and review recognized events directly on your website.

Mobile SDK, Apps

Now it does not matter from what device your website is accessed, every visitor will get a chance to experience benefits of cloud live streaming.

Live Cameras

Toronto skyline


Parking lot

Street cafe


Deer watering station

Overlooking highway



Connect your cameras and start streaming to the world now!



Easy installation

Now you can easily generate HTML code directly from our Admin Portal. No special knowledge is required. Simply choose from the list of options and paste provided code into your webpage.



With our widget you can add your company's logo to the player to further increase marketing value of your website and let your visitors know who the author of the video stream is.


Archive timeline

Now your visitors can navigate back in time to view archived footage and past events. This feature is optional and can be restricted from Admin Portal.


Video analytics

Showcase smart analytics capabilities in real time/life. Now  your visitors can experience all the benefits of AI analytics, happy visitors become good customers.



With new timelapse feature visitors can view and create timelapses. This keeps their attention on your website for a much longer time allowing you to better deliver your message and gain more customers.

Start Cloud Streaming Now

You can use any IP camera or video recording system to connect to 3dEYE cloud video platform and start streaming and sharing videos today. You don’t need to deploy any servers or a content delivery network of your own if you plan to broadcast worldwide nor you need to buy or install a separate streaming software, or provide full support for the streaming service. 3dEYE cloud will do all of the work for you. All you need to do is hook up your clients' cameras to our platform.

Please review the live streaming service examples and send us a Trial Request if you are interested.

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