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Atalanta (Mexico)

Business Challenge

Atalanta’s decision to migrate its remote recording service to the cloud was taken as long ago as 2006. With more than 500 cameras it was not an easy project back then: a lot of research and analysis of existing service providers was a daunting task. The idea was to migrate to a platform that would allow for a top notch scalability and flexibility without having to manage your own servers and without increasing costs to the end user.


Atalanta Video Surveillance Portal

CAMARAVIVO was born thanks to 3dEYE who provides a pure cloud solution, 100% cloud-based platform that supports any ONVIF - compliant camera manufacturer. This enabled the migration from a server farm to a fully scalable cloud platform in less than 3 months recently. We could do it faster but needed some time for client communications.

Additionally, notification alerts and 24/7 access provides added value to the whole infrastructure.

Main improvements achieved with 3dEYE platform

  1. Visualization with HTML5 technology:
    • The streams are more accessible now for monitoring from anywhere any time.
  2. Mobile app for iOS and Android works flawlessly:
    • Users do not have to use a third party app and configure each camera manually. With the same credentials they can access the same cameras and views.
    • The security is not delegated to third party apps.
  3. Event search is implemented in a very useful manner in the UI:
    • Searching events without the need to install any software or ActiveX makes a difference increasing the usability of the system.
    • Navigating from event to event or view synchronized events directly from the web portal makes a huge difference.
  4. Higher security and redundancy with Amazon AWS cloud service and 3dEYE highly professional security services and tech support.
  5. Branded options for the clients:
    • Now we can customize user portal and provide  clients  with a  perfect branding look.
  6. Artificial intelligence and machine learning is something that saves time and money for our clients , we feel more confident with the quality and precision of the cloud analytics.
  7. Status notification (See the article in spanish) - Before 3dEYE platform Atalanta had a staff to process analyze and report customers the status of each camera, now our staff use this time to create and improve  solutions to our customers
  8. Smart Alerts (See the video comparative in spanish with tradicional alerts) (Article in spanish)
    • SaaS is not enough for Atalanta, we would like to go further offering service as well. With the perfect notification alerts we could improve our actions to offer customers not only alerts otherwise corrective or active actions.
    • Avoiding false alarms is a challenge that only is possible with the precise ability of the platform making alerts combining events such as line crossing with AI recognizing events.
  9. Streaming.(See the article in spanish)
    • The main benefit of using just one stream to one or many users is to reduce bandwidth consumption. Any company, if the surveillance system is useful, begins  to increase the number of users sooner or later. In Mexico in many cases our customers have limited internet connection.
  10. Monitoring (See the article in spanish)
    • First we had the challenge to explain the benefit of going from traditional monitoring with many monitors to the new 3dEYE cloud monitoring station.  Slowly the market is going from traditional monitoring to smart monitoring: it is more efficient and usable because the user can concentrate on one event at a time.
  11. Continuous and event-based recording (See the article in spanish)
    • Provides us with options to choose our billing type based on a situation.
    • Lower costs per camera because there are many scenarios that do not justify continuous recording.
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