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Cloud video surveillance and analytics

Reliable and secure cloud–based solution for video surveillance and smart home monitoring

Professional Cloud Video Management
True Cloud Archive
Smart Analytics
Seamless Integration
Universal Unlimited Access
"We let you focus on what you do best - servicing your Customers. Leave cloud video management to the experts."
Turn-key white-labelled cloud covers everything from integrator admin panel to end-user mobile app
Cloud - based deep learning analytics adds unparallel precision to minimize false alarms
3dEYE Plug'n'Play make your camera secure and a breeze to connect.
Get flexible - 3dEYE is compatible with ANY IP Cameras and NVRs
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True Cloud Archive
3dEYE offers an alternative solution to a backup DVR with broader capabilities.
24/7 cloud archive, at 99.999999999% durability means you have access to your archive for as long as you choose, not only video clips of events.
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Smart Analytics
Enjoy unlimited computing power supported by Amazon data centers, most reliable cloud provider in the world. 
Earn more with License Plate Recognition (LPR), Speed Detection and more complex analytics in the Cloud!
Avoid false alarms and generate relevant alerts for your clients.
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Seamless Integration
Avoid hardware and installation costs with no complicated software to boot, 3dEYE is easy to setup and works seamlessly with any  cameras/hardware. 
Integrate freely into an existing security system or setup a new security solution from scratch, 3dEYE will adapt to your needs.
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Universal Unlimited Access
Stay safe and under control with 3dEYE knowing your business is secure and operations are running smoothly. 
Manage user roles and permissions as well as view live and archived footage that is safely stored in the cloud from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.
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Railway station

Remote Cloud Surveillance System 

Industry: Government Infrastructure
Company: Enterprise Pooled Fund Study (Canada)
3dEYE provided the video streaming and management component in this multi-stakeholder project to ensure smooth video stream from a remote highway location through Satellite internet.  3dEYE was the only competitor to surpass all government firewall securities.
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Blond girl

Hybrid cloud solution with older CCTV system

Industry: Retail
Company: McDonald's (Maryland, United States)
An all in one solution, incorporating an older network security system with tight bandwidth constraints and transforming it into a cloud solution with ease and grace.

“[The] UI is reliable and easy to work with.. makes managing multiple locations a breeze.”
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Hybrid Video Surveillance System (cloud/local)

Industry: Manufacturing
Company: Fiera Foods Company (Canada)
System of access established for cameras across multiple locations and areas, along with different user permissions and roles for simple and effective management.

“3dEYE system has made it extremely simple to view monitor and control my cameras across multiple locations without having to be there.”
–Sergey Vialykh, Chief of Engineering Department, Fiera Foods.
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Integrated widget and API

Industry: Social Network
Company: Urbanii (Brazil)
Urbanii is a social network used by municipal governments and associated entities to engage people in order to secure urban areas. The project involves the creation of a monitoring network with very efficient and collaborative cameras. 3dEYE enables easy integration of the existing camera network and provides high availability without extra investment. As a result the authorities monitor public areas more efficiently with the help of people: at a much lower cost and higher local citizens’ engagement.
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