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PUSH Module

Eliminate the complicated network setup and connect IP cameras and NVRs to the cloud quickly, securely, reliably.

3dEYE developed a unique PUSH Module solution, allowing cameras to connect directly to the cloud and avoid security vulnerabilities.

Simple Plug and Play surveillance setup where customers only need to plug a camera into a router, makes cloud migration or rollout a breeze for new and existing installations.

This configuration is extremely secure and reliable as there are no intermediate servers or need to expose the camera to the internet over port forwarding. Plug and Play IP camera access can be temporarily available for authorized IT personnel over encrypted tunnel for maintenance and troubleshooting.

How it works

3dEYE PUSH module will initiate an outbound 443 TCP connection to a cloud on startup. Unlike P2P servers, PUSH module is ISP and Firewall friendly.

Module creates a secure, encrypted tunnel between the camera and the cloud over TLS with AES 256 encryption.

Both metadata and video stream are fully protected from the moment a camera captures video to the moment you access it through 3dEYE video/admin portal.

3dEYE PUSH module is developed with heavily optimized CPU and memory requirements being met to allow camera run all available edge analytics and avoid overheating.

No public IP or ports need to be exposed to access the edge device.

No changes to edge device firmware are performed to avoid introducing potential security vulnerabilities. 3dEYE PUSH module is installed as an add-on on top of the firmware to connect the cameras to 3dEYE Pure Cloud Platform.

Module includes an option to fully lock-in a camera. In such a case the camera would be available only through the cloud and no local access would be possible.

PUSH Proxy server is available to generate a temporary URL to access edge device Web UI through a cloud for maintenance and troubleshooting.

There is an option to prevent removing the 3dEYE PUSH module even in case of camera firmware change, a factory reset, or any other unauthorized tampering. Please inquire at

Plug-in cameraManually Plug-in camera

Simple Plug and Play Surveillance

Camera Push Module

A variety of manufacturers with a long list of compatible models are at your disposal. Please consult 3dEYE Knowledge Base for specific models. Choose from thousands of models ranging from inexpensive basic cameras for everyday operations to high-end specialized cameras for unique application scenarios in a variety of world brands: HIK, Uniview, Vivotek, Axis, TVT, Tiandy, Milesight.

It is possible to have PUSH module added into the cameras at the factory level in bulk.

3dEYE Smart Gateway

3dEYE Smart Gateway is a drop-in hardware with a purpose to connect your local network to the cloud in bulk.

The Gateway auto - discovers and connects any ONVIF compliant camera or NVR from your local network to the cloud hassle-free. The Gateway offers support for remote access, sensor integration, home automation and allows for device connection with RTSP stream.

Chipset PUSH Module

3dEYE provides PUSH module for a variety of most popular chipsets to integrate a whole range of different hardware to the cloud. Please consult 3dEYE Knowledge Base for a specific PUSH Module for Intel, Ambarella, MStar and ARM chipsets.


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