Cloud video surveillance as a service

Seamless integration into existing security systems

Avoid hardware and installation costs with no complicated software to boot, 3dEYE system works with nearly all IP cameras.  Integrate freely into an existing security system or setup a new security solution from scratch, 3dEYE will adapt to your needs.
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Universal Unlimited Access

Stay safe and under control with 3dEYE knowing your business is secure and operations are running smoothly. Manage user roles and permissions as well as view live and archived footage that is safely stored in the cloud from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Powerful Streaming Timeline

3dEYE thumbnails take the guess work out of the equation, showing an exact preview of a point on the timeline. See visible event markers and click to open and review at a moment’s notice. Create customized camera layouts, zoom-in on points of interest. Synchronize any number of cameras to track events across multiple views. Create clips of critical moments which are permanently stored in the cloud and can be downloaded to local storage at anytime.
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Complete Flexibility

Support for nearly any IP camera in the industry enables you to set up your surveillance exactly how you want it or to simply integrate our service with your existing equipment.

Cloud based Video Clips

Export clips on demand when viewing live or archived video for future access. These clips are saved on the cloud just like your video archive footage and can be exported to your computer for sharing purposes.
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True Cloud Archive

3dEYE offers an alternative solution to a backup DVR with broader capabilities. Ongoing cloud archive recording means you have access to your archive for as long as you choose at any instant, not only partial video clips.

Statistics analysis tools at your fingertips

Access powerful analytics software to track and manage your clients' usage.  Instantly see on the fly statistics about cameras, users and most recent changes allowing you to make the best business decisions going forward.


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