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Central Alarm Monitoring Station

Professional video monitoring services for security companies

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Professional video monitoring services for organizations looking to protect people and property in real-time. 3dEYE Alarm Station includes a range of advanced features and technologies designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of video monitoring.

Monitor Events in Real Time with 3dEYE Alarm Station

The 3dEYE platform is an all-in-one solution for real-time event monitoring, surveillance, and cloud analytics. It includes a web-based application that enables agents to monitor multi-site and brand surveillance in real-time, view only accurate events, and take action on event pop-ups.

The platform leverages object detection analytics to eliminate false alarms and provides the option to talk down, view camera location, screenshot, clip, and share events, categorize event types, or acknowledge and log events with or without a note. All camera event history is logged and searchable by event types in the admin portal.


3dEYE API system can also be integrated into various systems

IoT to Webhooks

Integrate IoT with webhooks to automate workflows and create triggers based on logged video event categories.


Create precise events using standalone sensors and IoT devices using our API integration.


Integrate with websites and webservers using webhooks and API methods to create fully autonomous smart systems.

Access Control

Grant or deny access to a building using face or license plate recognition.

PoS devices

Streamline Operations with PoS Device Integration

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Empower Alarm Station Operators with ChatGPT

Chat GPT

ChatGPT AI technology for Central Station Monitorng

To enhance the capabilities of operators in the 3dEYE alarm station, the ChatGPT AI technology is implemented to process natural language text and generate responses that sound like they came from a human. It can analyze the events detected by video analytics and give operators a clear and concise understanding of what's happening on the screen. With ChatGPT's help, operators can quickly assess the situation and take the right actions.

In addition, ChatGPT can automate mundane tasks, allowing AI to react to non-emergency events based on operational guidelines and video analytics. This enables operators to focus on critical work and optimize their throughput. ChatGPT also has a unique ability to learn and adapt over time, refining its understanding of the events it's describing and becoming more accurate and effective.

3dEYE Cloud Alarms Station provides a complete alarm solution for businesses to protect their people and property in real-time. With integrated professional video monitoring, businesses can turn their cameras into an alarm system without any extra hardware. Operators can review video of any alarm event to help dismiss false alarms, ensure priority police response, and take immediate action. Simply select which cameras to monitor, set an arm/disarm schedule, and choose how monitoring agents should respond to a threat.

From the 3dEYE platform's real-time event monitoring and IoT integration to ChatGPT AI technology's natural language processing and machine learning capabilities, and Cloud Alarms Station's integrated professional video monitoring, businesses can protect their people and property with confidence. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business enhance its video monitoring capabilities.


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