Streamlined VSaaS Billing Management with 3dEYE’s Billing Module

Explore the efficiency and control of 3dEYE's Billing Module. Simplify your financial management processes, automate invoicing, and gain powerful recurring revenue management tools.
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Empowering Your Recurring Billing Experience

Discover how our Billing Module transforms your business operations, providing comprehensive tools for streamlined financial management and client billing.
Effortless Billing Processes: The 3dEYE Billing Module simplifies financial management for your surveillance business. As soon as each month ends, our billing module generates invoices for all of your customers and sub-integrators based on the consumption of streaming and storage data, use of cloud AI and analytics, as well as other available add-ons like long-term cloud-based time lapse or web widget. The financial information on each of the invoices is backed-up by granular reports outlining the details of your account consumption: camera IDs, assigned plans and add-ons, activation date - all the information you need is at your fingertips in the billing Module  to conduct efficient cloud video surveillance and monitoring business.

Features and Benefits:

30-Day Free Trial

Sign up for a 3dEYE Integrator account and enjoy 30 days of complimentary cloud usage. Experiment with plans, settings, and add-ons without extra charges.

Flexible Billing Structure

Choose between Fixed and Pay-as-you-Go billing plans to fit your use case, mix and match your approach per camera under one customer or sub integrator.

Automated Invoicing

Each month, your Integrator account generates invoices and attached consumption reports automatically in the 'My Invoices' section, enabling straightforward financial management.

Payment Processing

Utilize the integration with STRIPE or add another payment processor to charge the credit cards hassle-free

Add upsell and discount to invoices

Add installation or other professional services to the monthly invoices easily, manage discounts for loyal customers and more with 3dEYE Billing Module.

Account Management Tools

Close your accounts or temporarily disable cameras through our user-friendly interface. Manage account settings effortlessly to suit your needs.
Enhanced Billing Revenue Management: Our Billing Module goes beyond standard billing functionalities. Integrate third-party payment services like STRIPE, connect with accounting systems like Quick Books Online, and customize invoices for clients with ease. Mark up cloud plans, control billing options like tax rates, and set unique prices for add-ons, providing flexibility and control over billing variables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the  3dEYE Billing Module add-on.
Can I integrate 3dEYE Billing Module with other business applications?

Yes, our platform supports integrations through API, SDK and web toolkit with various business applications. Let us know your specific requirements, and we'll guide you through the integration process.

Can I control the pricing for my billing plans?

Absolutely, we provide full control over pricing through our user-friendly admin portal. You have the autonomy to set and adjust prices as per your preferences.

What happens when the whole customer is disabled?

If an entire customer is disabled, all connected cameras owned by that customer will be disabled.

What happens when a camera is disabled?

When a camera is disabled, its stream to the video portal stops, and billing for that camera is halted, you pay only for the consumption (storage) that is left on the camera since it’s still connected to the platform. To stop the charges per camera immediately you should DELETE the camera.

Is there a limitation on the number of plans I can create?

No, you can choose to create unlimited number of customers, users, cameras and plans.

Is there a limitation on quality settings that your cloud platform supports?

There are no strict minimum or maximum requirements. Quality settings depend on the hardware you use and the quality of your internet connection.  

How do I purchase 3dEYE?

Submit a free trial form, and our sales team will reach out to you. Alternatively, email us directly at

Can I pay per camera monthly or annually?

Certainly, and for added benefit, you'll receive a 10% discount when opting for annual payments.

Can I have pay-as-you-go plans?

Certainly, in addition to fixed plans based on the number of days recorded in the cloud archive per camera per month, we also offer pay-as-you-go plans. Choose between Fixed and Pay-as-you-Go billing plans to suit your use case, and mix and match your approach per camera under one customer or sub integrator.

Can I have my custom billing plan based on storage, quality settings, etc.?

Absolutely, 3dEYE is a highly flexible solution that allows for a more personalized and custom billing plan based on your specific needs.

Still have questions?
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