The Power of Pure Cloud Object Detection, Classification, and Tracking

Discover the advanced capabilities of AI and ML - driven object detection, classification, and tracking for enhanced surveillance, relevant alerts, effective live video monitoring, remote guarding,  operational efficiency, and fortified security measures.
3dEYE identifies thousands of objects such as people, vehicles, animals, furniture, and more (full list of categories can be found here) and provides a confidence score.
Each classified object is supplied with metadata – position, color  attributes. The rule-based engine allows to set up camera-based event (motion, intrusion area, line crossing, audio, temperature, etc) per object category triggers and activate the cloud-based analytics. Schedule alerts for email and app push notifications.
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AI Analytics and Machine Learning

Understanding Cloud-based Object Detection, Classification, and Tracking

Object Detection, Classification, and Tracking employ cutting-edge AI and machine-learning algorithms to identify, categorize, and monitor objects in real-time. This technology provides a sophisticated framework to detect various entities, categorize them, and precisely monitor their movements.

Object Detection

Utilizes state-of-the-art algorithms to identify and locate multiple objects within visual data, ensuring precise recognition across diverse environments.

Object Classification

Categorizes detected objects into predefined classes, enabling efficient sorting based on their characteristics.

Object Tracking

Monitors and traces object movement over time, enabling real-time analysis and behavior prediction.
Use Cases

Applications Transforming Industries with Object Detection, Classification, and Tracking

Explore how pure cloud video analytics revolutionize operations, security, marketing and decision-making across various domains.


Optimize inventory management, analyzes customer behavior, and prevents theft through accurate object tracking.

Surveillance & Security

Enhance security systems by identifying and tracking suspicious individuals or objects in restricted areas.

Traffic Monitoring

Improve traffic flow and accident prevention by real-time tracking of vehicles and pedestrians.

Industrial Automation

Facilitate automated quality control and assembly line processes by precisely detecting and classifying objects.


Enhances patient care and safety by monitoring medical equipment, patient movement, and staff workflow.


Detect unwanted objects (animal, or fire/smoke for example) in real time on premises and take action to mitigate high risk situations

Benefits of Pure Cloud Object Detection, Classification and Tracking

Explore the myriad benefits offered by leveraging Object Detection, Classification, and Tracking technologies

Enhanced Security

Proactive threat detection and immediate alerts for suspicious activities.

Operational Efficiency

Streamlining workflows and optimizing resource allocation in various industries.

Accurate Insights

Precise object identification for data-driven decision-making and predictive analytics.

Adaptive Capabilities

Scalable solutions adaptable to diverse environments and applications.

Real-Time Monitoring

Continuous monitoring and analysis for proactive intervention and improved situational awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exploring FAQs on Cloud-Based Object Detection, Classification, and Tracking
What's the distinction between object detection and object tracking?
Object detection locates multiple objects within data, while object tracking monitors their movement over time.
How accurate is object classification across different environments?
Accuracy relies on factors like dataset diversity, model training, and environmental conditions, achieving high accuracy in controlled settings.
Can object tracking be utilized for real-time monitoring?
Yes, object tracking enables continuous, real-time monitoring of identified objects within a given environment.
Is object detection and tracking limited by lighting conditions?
While variations in lighting can affect performance, advanced algorithms are designed to adapt and maintain accuracy under varying lighting conditions.
Still have questions?
Please access our comprehensive Knowledge Base to obtain detailed information on how to set up, troubleshoot and leverage cloud-based object detection, classification and tracking AI.
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