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Cloud IP Cameras

IP cameras with cloud storage recording for business

Out-of-the-box professional IP cameras automatically connected to 3dEYE Cloud Video Surveillance Platform for simple Plug&Play setup (direct connection to 3dEYE cloud VMS through secure HTTPS encrypted streaming). The 3dEYE Cloud Platform includes video web and app portals alongside an administrative portal for unlimited user creation and permission settings. Eliminate the complicated network setup and connect cloud IP cameras and NVRs to the cloud quickly, securely, and reliably. 3dEYE offers cloud IP camera bundles with Hikvision, Uniview, Axis, Vivotek, TVT, Milesight, Tiandy, Sunell and other open platform devices.


Choose Cameras

In case of Starlight and Super Starlight cameras, if lightning conditions are within limits of the camera ratings then you can get a color image in low light application, but if the lighting is not adequate then the IR will activate providing a black and white image. Whereas with the new ColorHunter technology, when the minimum Lux threshold is reached the ColorHunter camera will enable the white LED instead of IR to still provide a colored image.


* All with built-in Camera-side Analytics (Line Crossing, People Counting, Intrusion, Face Detection)


* All with built-in Camera-side Analytics (Line Crossing, People Counting, Intrusion, Face Detection)


* All 60Hz with built in Camera-side Analytics (Line Crossing, People Counting, Intrusion, Face Detection)


Choose NVR (Optional)

* Please inquire separately to source additional hardware, including 4K (8MP) cameras, high-end PTZs, accessories (brackets) and NVRs.


3dEYE Gateway (Optional)

For difficult or bulk cloud connection scenarios

You can now utilize Plug&Play technology to patch cameras in bulk for secure direct camera-to-cloud connection (443 HTTPS). No port forwarding or public IP necessary. Eliminating complex network setup. This device is not mandatory for platform use but will assist deployment by patching any camera with the push module in bulk and quickly connecting surveillance sites to the cloud. Each gateway can support up to 50 channels and includes a DC power supply. All cameras connected to the gateway can use fixed price billing plans.


Choose Service Plans

All cloud plans can have optional analytics and image quality add-ons.Hardware white label option is available starting from 300 units order

* You can request tailored plan of 45,90 or other number of days in the archive


Select Add-Ons


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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the  IP Cameras
What is a cloud-enabled IP camera?
A Cloud-enabled IP camera is a camera that is connected to the cloud directly and does not require port forwarding. For a cloud-enabled cameras both video and metadata are transferred through a secure and encrypted tunnel making this type of connection the safest.
Why use a cloud platform for an IP camera?

The short answer is the flexibility, the customizability, and the reliability of the cloud when compared to the on-premise solutions. There are a lot of advantages to justify the cloud migration, namely:

  • the ability to access cameras from anywhere in the world;
  • the ability to add advanced analytical features even to the most basic cameras greatly increasing the value of the services;
  • the ability to have an unlimited number of simultaneous users accessing the stream from the camera at the same time;
  • the flexibility of choosing any archive duration, resolution, frame rate, and image quality;
  • the ability to view multiple cameras from different manufacturers under a single session;
  • the ability to review archives even when the camera is not accessible or is powered down;
  • the ability to trigger smart automation routines based on predefined events;
  • security of the streams and reliability of the storage.
How does an IP camera connect to a cloud platform for storage and AI analytics processing?
A script that is running on the camera is establishing a secure and encrypted tunnel between the camera and the cloud allowing a direct communication channel through which the video and metadata streams are being pushed to the cloud. Once the footage from the camera is received by the cloud the AI can start applying analytics required in a particular scenario and if needed multiple analytical modules can be activated at once.
How does a cloud IP camera work?
Cloud IP camera works similar to a regular digital camera: it converts video streams into  digital streams that can be transferred over RTSP or RTMP protocol. The main difference between a regular digital camera and an IP camera is that the IP camera has a network module that allows the camera to have a unique IP address and the cloud IP camera additionally will have a cloud plug-in that allows the camera to establish a direct connection with the cloud without the need for port forwarding or any special bridges/connectors or routers to be added between the camera and the cloud.
Still have questions?
Please access our comprehensive Knowledge Base to obtain detailed information on how to set up, troubleshoot and leverage cloud IP Cameras.
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