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Crosbies Security Towers, powered by Watchful

Business Challenge

Crosbies Security Towers, powered by Watchful, faced a critical challenge in the dynamic security industry of New Zealand: reducing the volume of arbitrary notifications to operators and business owners while efficiently scaling their operations.

Before adopting the solution provided by Watchful and 3dEYE, Crosbies struggled with a high volume of false alarms and non-critical notifications. This resulted in operator fatigue, decreased responsiveness, and inefficient resource allocation. Additionally, the company faced connectivity issues with their diverse range of cameras, including brands like Axis and Hanwha, due to restrictions from local ISPs on port forwarding.

The challenge was to develop a solution that could intelligently filter notifications, ensuring that only genuine threats and critical events were escalated. Furthermore, the solution needed to address the connectivity challenges posed by local ISPs, allowing seamless integration of diverse camera systems.


Watchful, in collaboration with 3dEYE, stepped up to the plate, developing an innovative tool that allows visualizing threats and interpreting instructions with a level of detail that surpasses human capabilities. As a result, Crosbies can now respond rapidly and scale their operations with unparalleled capability and precision, all without the need for additional human resources.

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