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Do you support Axis cameras?

Yes, we support Axis cameras as well as any other IP cameras. We recommend installing our PUSH module on your Axis cameras. The purpose of PUSH is to allow cameras to connect to the AWS cloud directly over HTTPS tunnel. This configuration is extremely reliable and secure, there are no intermediate servers (3rd party P2P Stun and Turn servers do not support continuous streaming), enabling the camera to connect directly to the cloud. This connection eliminates security vulnerabilities with cameras often being exposed to internet hacking threats over port forwarding.No public access is possible to PUSH module connected cameras. Unlike P2P servers, the 3dEYE PUSH Module does not have issues with ports blocked on ISP providers since it is streaming generic HTTPS traffic. Currently we support Uniview, Hikvision and Axis open platform cameras with the 3dEYE Push Module. All Axis cameras also can be connected to 3dEYE platform through ONVIF protocol without 3dEYE PUSH.

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