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Video Analytics Solutions

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Video Analytics Software

What are Video Analytics

Organizations everywhere are turning to business video analytics solutions to make their organizations more productive and secure, while becoming empowered to make data-driven decisions. Video analytics for business is founded on Big Data, which is derived from a combination of structured and unstructured datasets from several real-time or historic sources. Video surveillance (CCTV) footage is considered a major source of Big Data; as each camera gathers a plethora of information, in a network effect, it can be mined for business and security intelligence.
Subscribing to 3dEYE Video Analytics Platform will aid in extracting valuable information, accelerate the incident searching process and deliver better quality alerts. Layer valuable server-side processing intelligence alongside camera edge analytics for object detection, classification (person, car animal, etc.) and tracking, people counting, heat maps, area and color search. Configure object category rules in conjunction with camera-side video analytics for more accurate alerts.

Object Search and Classification

3dEYE identifies thousands of objects such as people, vehicles, pets, furniture, etc, and provides a confidence score. Each classified object is supplied with metadata – position, color, attributes. The rule based engine allows to setup camera-based event (motion, intrusion area, line crossing, audio, temperature, etc) per object category triggers. Schedule Alert notifications for email and app push notifications.

Object Tracking

3dEYE uniquely identifies and tracks objects in the field of view in order to eliminate irrelevant alerts. This includes determining the direction of traffic flow and provides alerts for suspicious movement path.

Heat Maps

3dEYE reinvented Heatmaps to make them smarter and more accurate. Instead of relying on the camera motion detector to generate high traffic areas, we utilise the power of our Object Recognition technology to generate smart Heatmaps, showing only areas where people or cars were moving. This allows us to create useful heatmaps not just for indoor cameras but also for outdoor cameras where there is a lot of foliage movement. We also added tools to customize data visualization for the most optimal review experience.

Facial Recognition

3dEYE enables you to find similar faces in a large collection of images. You can create an index of predefined faces to detected across enabled cameras. Allows to search through archives to find face from mug shot. Provides age and gender attributes to detected face.

People detection and counting, Crowd Management

3dEYE provides people counting based on people classification and tracking. Other algorithms use simple line crossing to count people without any object detection, classification or tracking. With 3dEYE you are able to select one or multiple areas and find out how many people moved through those areas during specified time intervals.
People detection

Fire and Smoke Detection

People detection
In the event of a fire, every second counts. By employing intelligent video technology to accurately identify smoke or fire, you can respond in real-time instead of relying solely on smoke triggering an alarm. This proactive approach allows for faster response times from local authorities and enables individuals, whether employees or family members, to evacuate to safety more quickly.
Even if only smoke is detected, the ability to promptly identify its source and assess the presence of an actual threat allows for swift and appropriate action. Rather than waiting for a traditional alarm to activate, intelligent flame and smoke detection from 3dEYE enhances response times.
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Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

The use of video analytics can significantly enhance the effectiveness of surveillance software. 3dEYE's cloud-based VMS acts as a digital security guard, continuously monitoring properties for any suspicious activity. With the integration of cloud-based Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), users can further improve site security by detecting authorized and unauthorized vehicles, repeat offenders, and enhancing visitor management and access control.
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People detection

Vehicle Counting

Vehicle Counting
View vehicle counting statistics throughout the day, as well as previous days, and isolate periods to show video Events with moving vehicle categories present. Further leverage our algorithms for high object detection confidence and quick results. Identify traffic issues.

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