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February 26, 2023

Enhancing Video Surveillance with Object Tracking

3dEYE cloud platform offers a superior video surveillance solution compared to traditional edge-based systems. With its advanced AI and object tracking capabilities, the platform can provide real-time, accurate alerts to monitoring operators while reducing false alarms and increasing operational efficiency. The platform's cloud-based approach allows for more extensive data sets and unlimited computing power, making it an ideal choice for companies seeking to expand their service portfolio to real-time monitoring services. With its advanced object tracking and post-factum investigative search capabilities, the 3dEYE cloud platform is at the forefront of technological innovation in the video surveillance industry, and we can expect it to continue to improve and meet the evolving needs of security integrators and monitoring channel partners.

As video surveillance becomes increasingly important for businesses and organizations, managing the large volume of video data generated by cameras can be challenging. False alarms triggered by inconsistent camera analytics can quickly overwhelm monitoring operators, leading to missed events and reduced efficiency. However, cloud surveillance solutions such as 3dEYE offer a layer of cloud-based intelligence that can provide better accuracy and efficiency for real-time monitoring efforts, surpassing the limitations of edge devices.

Edge devices such as cameras, NVRs, DVRs, and bridge hardware are limited in their edge computing power and storage capacity, which can slow down the post-processing of surveillance footage and cause delays in delivering relevant video alarms to monitoring operators. As a result, monitoring companies expect accurate alerts that empower their operators to video-verify incidents efficiently. Efficient video verification leads to less manpower necessary to monitor multiple surveillance sites, which is essential to the monitoring company's bottom line.

Cloud-based monitoring, particularly the 3dEYE cloud platform (see the explainer video here) , provides an ideal balance between accuracy and deliverability, making it an excellent option for companies looking to expand their service portfolio to real-time monitoring services while maximizing their monitoring operations' efficiency. The cloud-based approach allows for training existing video security systems with extensive data sets, which on average, are ten times that of alternative object detection solutions. The limitless power of cloud computing empowers the most accurate video recognition and object tracking, increasing monitoring efficiency.

Especially in poor weather and lighting conditions, cloud analytics are superior at identifying trespassing incidents than operators tasked with monitoring more cameras than they can pay attention to. Stop missing events today!

The 3dEYE cloud platform's alarm workflow receives new events from cameras, which are verified by cloud-based motion detection and analyzed for object recognition based on predefined rule sets.

Object tracking compares past events with the current one to avoid false alarms and populate the operator's video alarm dashboard with sub-second latency. Incoming video alarms are then dealt with by selecting an event category to acknowledge its safety level, taking immediate action to talk down and control peripherals for real-time deterrence response, integrated with the 3dEYE platform, and additional options to manage the video alarm and intervene in the incident.

Compared to other third-party object recognition vendors that aim to reduce false alarms, 3dEYE's advanced AI cloud analytics can identify and track individual objects in surveillance scenes. For instance, in a crowd of people, the 3dEYE cloud analytics can track each individual to provide unique alerts. Instead of receiving only a motion alert for a group of people, operators receive alerts per individual, allowing them to monitor each person's activities carefully. Additionally, object tracking natively binds with post-factum investigative search in the 3dEYE cloud VMS, allowing unique objects to be examined in the cloud archive to explore all previous events, including that of specific individuals, through appearance search, face search, loitering, crowd control, area search, and people counting, enabling quick and easy cloud clipping and event sharing in the web client and mobile apps.

The 3dEYE cloud solution's advantage lies in the balance it strikes between cost, accuracy, and speed, providing clients with the most efficient video alarms in real-time. This efficiency allows operators to verify video from multiple locations simultaneously, increasing overall effectiveness. By leveraging AI and object tracking, 3dEYE's Alarm Station solution is providing security monitoring clients with the tools they need to be most competitive in the marketplace while maximizing their operational efficiency. 3dEYE is at the forefront of technological innovation in the video surveillance industry, and we can expect the platform to continue to improve and meet the evolving needs of security integrators and monitoring channel partners.


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