August 19, 2023

Article: SafetyDetectives Interview with 3dEYE discuss the critical balance between bolstering security measures and addressing vital data privacy concerns with 3dEYE Pure Cloud Video and AI Platform.
Published on
August 19, 2023

The SafetyDetectives Research Lab investigates potential malware, vulnerabilities, and data breaches to protect all kinds of users (ranging from individuals to Fortune 500 companies). When they discover threats, their cybersecurity experts pinpoint their source and work alongside top privacy agencies and CERT teams to address them before they cause any damage. They also report on incidents so that businesses, organizations, and users can better protect their files and data.

SafetyDetectives started their pro-bono service in 2018 under the direction of security researcher Anurag Sen, and they've already helped over 200 million people across 18 countries secure exposed files and data. Please read the full interview here:

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