July 13, 2023

Article: 2023 Security Awards Honor Innovators

It is a true honor to be recognized alongside such accomplished individuals and we are proud to have our CEO Slava Hrytsevich's contribution to the world of cutting-edge computer vision technologies acknowledged.
Published on
July 13, 2023

3dEYE extends its heartfelt congratulations to Tara Dunning of Wesco, Carl Fong of Orange County Department of Education, Tom Patterson of Accenture, and all the other esteemed recipients of the 2023 Security Innovator Award by the renowned Security Business Magazine.

The prestigious Security Innovator Awards honor exceptional individuals who have made groundbreaking contributions to the security industry, transforming it with their innovative approaches and cutting-edge technologies.

Among the esteemed recipients is 3dEYE's CEO, Slava Hrytsevich, whose significant contribution to the world of cutting-edge computer vision technologies has been recognized and celebrated.

"We are deeply honored to be in the company of such accomplished individuals and organizations," said Slava Hrytsevich. "This award is a testament to the collective effort and dedication of our team in driving advancements in security technology and providing our clients with top-notch solutions."

The Security Business Innovator Awards celebrate the remarkable achievements of companies and individuals who have redefined the security landscape, ensuring a safer and more secure environment for businesses and communities alike.

To learn more about the award and the outstanding innovators recognized, please visit https://editions.mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?m=60972&i=795566&p=4&ver=html5. 3dEYE remains committed to pushing the boundaries of security technology and delivering cutting-edge solutions that make a meaningful impact on the industry.

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