June 15, 2022

Article: Cloud Video Management for Self-Storage Operators

The 3dEYE Pure Cloud Video Platform empowers IT teams with an all-in-one cloud surveillance system they can remotely view and manage from any device.
Published on
June 15, 2022

As a nationally or globally spread-out type of business, challenges for self-storage companies often arise due to the need to concurrently manage operations amongst hundreds or even thousands of storage facilities. The complexity of their multi-site business model is only amplified by their frequent acquisition of additional properties. Teams of IT people are often spread thin juggling the never-ending new technological requirements emerging from their managed facilities. One of the most critical types of infrastructure managed by self-storage IT personnel is their security, specifically their video surveillance. The metaphorical eyes and ears the company must rely on at each facility which is largely unmanned at all hours of the day. Whilst maximizing the operational efficiency of the self-storage business model, great importance is instilled in the remote management of the facility’s security. As patrons are promised a safe and reliable depository for their valuables, a major business focus needs to be the safekeeping of both client possessions and facility safety.

As the video security industry has evolved from analog CCTV to IP cameras now connected to cloud platforms such as 3dEYE, multi-site businesses can be empowered to centralize all their video security viewing, monitoring and administration in the cloud. Whilst utilizing the video security hardware they have already invested in, they are now afforded the flexibility to extend existing security cameras to the cloud to be able to manage all aspects of their surveillance from a single platform and leverage their prior investments.

The 3dEYE Pure Cloud Video Platform empowers IT teams with an all-in-one cloud surveillance system they can remotely view and manage from any device.

When evaluating the most affordably scalable VSaaS for your self-storage business, ensure you are prioritizing the solution which can unify multi-site and multi-brand cameras with ease, absent of network or firewall configuration, and does not require additional servers, recorders, bridges, or camera hardware investments. The ease of implementation is important in scaling a surveillance system across many facilities spread out geographically, and the most appropriate cloud surveillance platform for self-storage companies should be able to extend existing surveillance systems, with ease, done remotely and not require reconfiguring the on-site hardware architecture or establishing new network configuration. Such robust, scalable and encrypted system is crucial to ensure top cybersecurity protection.

The 3dEYE pure cloud platform has empowered several large self-storage companies across the world to onboard their existing video security installations with ease, associate flexible monthly cloud subscription plans for both storage and AI analytics, and finally be able to extend to a rich remote viewing, monitoring and administration experience for preset stakeholders within their organizations.

Many self-storage companies report outgrowing their legacy hardware systems and requiring the latest video analytics tools such as object detection, tracking, classification, heat maps, people counting, facial recognition, license plate recognition, color and area search to overlay their existing security cameras for efficiency. The back-end administration tools are equally as crucial to security operations. Besides the post-factum investigative tools, self-storage companies need in-house proactive video monitoring abilities to respond quickly to necessary on-site events.

3dEYE Cloud Alarm Station 1-min explainer:

For growing self-storage companies, it is extremely important to standardize their video security approach across all their existing and future sites; maximize the investment of their video security and the operations support of their staff to service on-site events, and hardware operation.

3dEYE Pure Cloud introduces the opportunity to reduce dependence on unreliable hardware such as outdated recorders (NVR/DVR) with limited functionality and instead extend to direct cloud connectivity with all important operations done seamlessly from a remotely accessible web client and mobile apps. For more information about the 3dEYE pure cloud surveillance platform please sign up for a free trial.

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