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August 11, 2021

How to Avoid Port Forwarding with 3dEYE Pure Cloud Plug&Play Solution

As commercial security needs evolve to prioritize intelligent remote asset monitoring, the transmission of surveillance must be sufficiently secured. Network security ensures surveillance data, which is being processed and distributed via the cloud, remains visible to only authorized users, whilst simplifying the cloud connection.

One of the top hurdles security integrators and managed IT companies have expressed as being an obstacle in adopting and scaling the next generation of surveillance product (cloud), is the challenge of networking. Often, businesses are limited in their upload bandwidth, rotating dynamic IP addresses, as well as complications due to firewalls and port forwarding. Scaling cloud-hosted surveillance tools begins with establishing a secure connection to the cloud with a quick and simple workflow. 3dEYE channel partners appreciate the established plug & play tools made available for them, for free, to enable all the major camera manufacturers easy connection to AWS-hosted pure cloud video management system. With push technology supporting the majority of camera models and latest firmware on the global market, commercial projects are now finally equipped with simple and secure cloud connection. Free of port forwarding, firewall rules, IP masking, and manual camera stream setup, 3dEYE Plug & Play technology facilitates a fully encrypted tunnel between cameras and the AWS cloud with preset stream settings and retention period.

This enables 3dEYE channel partners to not only overcome the networking challenges typically associated with video security, but also be able to package a complete, and attractive, cloud surveillance offering:  bundling any camera with a monthly billing plan. Essentially taking your preferred camera manufacturer product line and turning it into a set of “cloud-enabled” cameras leveraging the free 3dEYE Plug & Play solution without additional capex.

Unlike other cloud products on the market, 3dEYE never attempts to lock clients into proprietary hardware, expensive licenses, hidden fees, or capex investments, but instead empowers its clients to work with existing video security hardware, or choose to install their preferred brands, and leverage plug & play technology to enwrap an all-in-one cloud product with bandwidth-friendly and flexible streaming plans and suite of cloud analytics and add-ons to offer the best surveillance solution to their commercial clients. Easily unifying multi-site and brand surveillance is finally becoming a reality to value-added resellers around the world. If you are interested in learning more then sign up for a trial or schedule a product demo at


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