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July 28, 2021

Leveraging video within the IoT

Though sensors such as motion and smoke detectors have been used alongside security cameras for a long time, rarely have they been connected to each other. Today there is a growing demand for smart video surveillance in public spaces, commercial buildings, public transport and other areas. And the rise of IoT will drive for the further integration of the cloud security platforms like 3dEYE, which have had tremendous progress in the innovations of physical security in the past decade, largely driven by advanced features such as cloud video analytics.

To fight theft, violence, vandalism and fire effectively, cameras must be able to detect and interpret such incidents. They must also have the capability to cooperate with other systems. This is where the Internet of Things comes into play. Leveraging webhooks, cloud-enabled cameras can be seamlessly connected with other devices and systems that perform automated tasks to transform the security surveillance into smart safety and security management.

3dEYE significantly improves security-related processes in many areas and industries by enabling faster and more insightful response to any sort of incidents. You will be able to connect all the disparate IoT devices such as sirens, lights, thermostats, doors and window sensors, along with other smart devices to the 3dEYE platform via apps like Zapier and IFTTT, in order to start making sense of the IoT and make it work for you.

Part of designing an interconnected IoT platform often involves leveraging cutting-edge video security technology. Cloud surveillance allows the delivery of flexible and scalable management of all types of video security devices to improve the sustainability and safety of infrastructures as well as the quality of life and economic prosperity in communities everywhere.

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