March 16, 2023

3dEYE Platform Updates (February 2023)

Would you like to cloud-enable any brand of cameras/NVRs in bulk? Consider adding 3dEYE Gateway to your mix of cloud video surveillance integrations.
Published on
March 16, 2023

Introducing Smoke and Fire Detection

The fire and smoke video analytics offered by 3dEYE platform is an advanced AI technology designed to quickly and accurately detect the presence of fire or smoke in a monitored area. This technology can be highly beneficial in preventing or minimizing the damage caused by fires and smoke, potentially saving lives in the process.

This AI technology works in real-time and immediately sends out alerts to designated personnel, allowing for swift action to be taken.

In addition to these alerts, video analytics can also be integrated with other systems through webhooks, allowing for automated responses to be triggered to contain the fire before it spreads, potentially minimizing the damage caused.

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How 3dEYE Object Tracking Video Analytics Helps Avoid False Alarms in Video Surveillance

3dEYE AI uses advanced object tracking capabilities to prevent unnecessary alerts for the same object. Unlike systems that work on image 3dEYE AI operates on continuous video streams, which helps it to remember the context of the video and not produce events for the same object repeatedly.

This approach ensures that each object is uniquely identified, creating accurate people counting and heat map analytics while reducing alerts for the same object, particularly during adverse lighting conditions. The cloud-based platform's unlimited computing power allows for more extensive data sets, enabling companies to  avoid unnecessary alerts that waste the operator's time.

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Enhanced De-warping

Fish-eye dwarfing is a photographic technique commonly used in IP cameras, where a special wide-angle lens is used to capture a 360-degree field of view around the camera. This technique produces distorted images with a "fish-eye" effect that can be corrected using software, such as 3dEYE's cloud platform de-warping feature. This software can transform the distorted image into a regular stream with a digital PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) effect, allowing for a more accurate and natural viewing experience.

3dEYE Gateway

Would you like to cloud-enable any brand of cameras/NVRs in bulk? Consider adding 3dEYE Gateway to your mix of cloud video surveillance integrations: it will automatically discover and connect up to 50 cameras/NVRs to the Pure Cloud Platform. Besides you can send webhooks to the gateway over push connection to trigger IO output. This allows for enhanced security and automation at your site without the need for any smart devices.

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Flexible Events and Library clips menu management

The video portal UI has been updated to provide more customization options. Users now have the ability to choose from a variety of menu layouts that can be adjusted to match any screen size and task. You can resize events  and library clips menu windows in seconds, allowing you to adjust the number of columns displayed on the screen to achieve the optimal ratio between the number of events/clips visible and the size of thumbnails for ease of view. This provides you  with more control over how you  view and interact with the video portal, making it easier to use and more efficient.

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Copying Layout Groups

Copying layout and groups allows Administrators to save time and effort when setting up new users. this allows easy and error prone way to scale your team and ensures that users will only have access to the cameras they are authorized to view.

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Access the list of objections to cloud VSaaS in our marketing suite for partners

Access the content database created to explain pure cloud VMS advantages to your prospects and customers and use the published sales objection list to prove the superiority of the 3dEYE platform.

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