November 25, 2023

Article: 3dEYE Platform Updates (October 2023)

We're thrilled to announce the expansion of our Sunell camera models line integrated with the PUSH module for a seamless Plug and Play experience.
Published on
November 25, 2023

Enable ALPR in Admin Portal

3dEYE's cloud-based ALPR add-on can be easily added to any existing IP cameras without requiring new hardware investments or development.

Now you can seamlessly activate Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) AI per camera in the admin portal.

You can learn more about optimizing ALPR analytics effectiveness here.

More about the 3dEYE ALPR in this article.

How to activate ALPR

Unveiling Pure Cloud Loitering Detection - BETA

Our latest Beta version introduces a revolutionary loitering algorithm based on cutting-edge object tracking and detection technology. With an impressive 98% improvement over traditional motion-based loitering analytics, this new feature ensures much fewer false alarms and delivers only relevant events.

Go beyond standard object detection! Our Loitering detection offers real-time alerts, enabling swift responses without the hassle of unnecessary alarms. Take control with customizable zones for proactive security, detecting potential threats before they escalate.

Activate FREE for 30 days

Updated: Optimizing Your IMMIX-3dEYE Integration

Elevate your security integration game with this new test webhook designed for a robust IMMIX-3dEYE integration. Uncover the full potential of your monitoring solutions effortlessly.

Follow the link below for comprehensive insights into each step of the process. Elevate your IMMIX-3dEYE integration experience with us!

Create a test Webhook

Amp up your VSaaS Sales with Multi-Language Training Videos

Download Video Tutorials in multiple languages as part of our comprehensive marketing suite. These resources are designed to empower you and your customers in leveraging the advantages of our platform effectively. Access a wealth of content, including sales deck highlights, common objection responses, and UI visuals, all tailored to boost your VSaaS sales strategy.

Explore Marketing Suite

Your Input Needed: Defining the Default Viewing Mode

We're excited to invite you to influence the future of our platform! Your opinion on the default viewing mode is crucial. Would you prefer "Original Aspect Ratio" or "Stretched"? Vote now and get a chance to win an Amazon eero Pro 6 mesh Wi-Fi router!

Follow this link to answer the survey question and win one of the 5 routers!

More Sunell Cameras are Plug and Play Now

We're thrilled to announce the expansion of our Sunell camera models line integrated with the PUSH module for a seamless Plug and Play experience. Among the models being introduced are SN-IPR8050CQAA-Z2.7, SN-IPR5150HZBS-B2.8, and SN-IPV7180EFBR-B2.8, with even more models set to arrive soon.

Cloud-enable Sunell Cameras

Time Format Selector Now Available in Video Portal

You can now seamlessly switch between 12-hour and 24-hour time formats, along with accessing various other time-related preferences.

These additions are aimed at providing you with increased flexibility and control over your video content.

Try it in Video Portal Now

3dEYE Addresses Pure Cloud Architecture at CANASA in Toronto

In addition to our customary booth exhibit at the Security Central trade show, we presented a whitepaper on Cloud VSaaS architecture types. We delved into the pros and cons of Hybrid, Managed, and Pure Cloud VSaaS approaches in the Video Surveillance and Monitoring industries for the industry to take more informed decisions while choosing a VSaaS vendor in view of their strategic goals, current technology in use and resources including budget. A heartfelt thanks to #CANASA for offering this platform to reconnect with industry peers!

Request the Whitepaper

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