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3dEYE Inc.

3dEYE Inc. is a Toronto-based hi-tech company that provides secure and reliable Cloud Video Surveillance service for the monitoring industry.

3dEYE Inc. officially launched its cloud-based video surveillance platform in spring 2014 at ISC WEST in Las Vegas, USA. With 3dEYE’s new cloud-based VMS service, integrators can easily create, customize and sell branded video surveillance service packages customized to their clients’ needs. The service is simple and effective, 3dEYE takes care of the technology and puts it into the hands of partnering agencies creating a mutually beneficial relationships. Integrators continue to retain direct relationships with valued customers, offering cutting edge surveillance service, and boosting their monthly revenue.

3dEYE cloud services operate from Amazon’s AWS highly secured and industry reputed facility.

3DEYE Inc. has solid surveillance industry experience and creative mentality. Our team consists of experienced cloud technology, machine learning and hardware experts with over 65 years of experience in video surveillance and security market. We are currently a team of 20 and growing.

3dEYE provided software for the successful SIPC (Satellite IP Camera) Project conducted and funded by DOT (USA), Transport Canada, MTO and Dutch Ministry of Transportation.

3dEYE is the premier Cloud Technology Partner of Uniview (Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Co., Ltd.) – the 3rd largest Chinese IP cameras manufacturer. We are also partnering with Vivotek, Hikvision, Axis and TVT to deliver camera-to-cloud solutions to the clients.

Our team works hard to make 3dEYE Cloud VMS platform better every day for all of our industry partners in USA, Canada, Latin America and Middle East.

By leveraging the power of the cloud our clients have access to infinitely scalable storage with advanced redundancy, intelligent UI monitoring systems, and no hassle management from your computer or tablet.

At 3dEYE we believe that the current video surveillance market looks like a CRM market in a pre-Salesforce era. About $400 million subscription revenue is currently estimated annually (source: in video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) market whereas the global video surveillance market is roughly about $20 Billion in annual sales.

VSaaS is still a tiny sub segment but it will develop to devour the current surveillance market in the next 10 years (IMS research data).

Cloud based VMS platforms are easy to use and the benefits are enormous. The advantages of cloud VMS platforms are uncontested: there is no complex server software to install and learn; there is zero possibility of data loss by theft, drive failure or physical damage; and the system can be accessed over the Internet through any computer, smartphone or tablet. We are happy to share our innovation with you!


Phone numbers:
+1-833-321-2005 (Toll Free)
Address: 18 King Street East, Suite 1400, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 1C4


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