Cloud video surveillance as a service

Pioneered remote satellite IP camera solution

Industry: Government Infrastructure
Company: Enterprise Pooled Fund Study (Canada)
Business Challenge:
Enterprise conducted a pilot project with the use of the innovative technology to deploy a low-cost Satellite IP Camera, incorporating video capture to find a solution to remove the need for expensive power and communications infrastructure for the remote highway areas. This project was funded by many stakeholders including DOT (U.S. Department of Transportation), Transport Canada, Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO), Holland Ministry of Transportation and others. The requirement was to provide uninterrupted video management service with use of solar power, satellite transmission in harsh weather conditions.
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Cloud solution with older generation CCTV system

Industry: Retail
Company: McDonald's (Maryland, United States)
Business Challenge:
An internationally successful fast food franchise, McDonald’s franchise locations in the Maryland area needed a specific security solution.  Cameras were operating on limited bandwidth (100kb/s) and stores had existing aged surveillance CCTV technology. Previously recording in JPEG video format along with analog cameras hooked up to an older DVR system, McDonald’s was having issues managing security across multiple locations without remote access.  The franchise needed a more reliable backup system and way to record motion triggered events. 

An all in one solution, incorporating old system and transforming into cloud based with ease and grace. 

McDonald's required a more specifically tailored security solution for their needs.
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Hybrid Video Surveillance System (cloud/local)

Industry: Manufacturing
Company: Fiera Foods Company (Canada)
Business Chalenge:
Fiera Foods is an established and growing bakery goods manufacturer providing product for the Food service and Retail market channels with premium quality bakery goods for over 25 years.  They have several manufacturing locations in Greater Toronto Area and over 800 cameras installed at various locations.  Fiera Foods needed a solution that would simplify the monitoring of multiple locations and provide them with reliable and smooth video management for remote access and on premise security guards. 

Fiera Foods also needed access to analytical information, as well as integrate with their varied existing camera base.  They needed an agile solution that would keep them updated on camera status and give them the flexibility to manage their user permissions for different levels of security.
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Integrated widget and API

Industry: Social network
Company: Urbanii (Brazil)
Business Chalenge:
Urbanii is a social network used by municipal governments and associated entities to engage people in order to secure urban areas. The project involves the creation of a monitoring network with very efficient and collaborative cameras. 3dEYE enables easy integration of the existing camera network and provides high availability without extra investment. As a result the authorities monitor public areas more efficiently with the help of people: at a much lower cost and higher local citizens’ engagement.
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