Cloud video surveillance as a service

Pioneered weather resistant remote IP camera solution

Company: Enterprise Pooled Fund Study

Location: Canada

Business challenge

Enterprise conducted a pilot project with the use of the innovative technology to deploy a low-cost Satellite IP Camera, incorporating video capture to find a solution to remove the need for expensive power and communications infrastructure for the remote highway areas. This project was funded by many stakeholders including DOT (U.S. Department of Transportation), Transport Canada, Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO), Holland Ministry of Transportation and others. The requirement was to provide uninterrupted video management service with use of solar power, satellite transmission in harsh weather conditions.


3dEYE provided the video streaming and management component in this multi-stakeholder project to ensure smooth video stream from the remote highway location through Satellite internet. The viability of the project was established in no small part due to the use of 3dEYE cloud based service.  3dEYE facilitated the uninterrupted video stream management in high security government environments without the need of any network modifications or any hardware/software installations. 


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