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March 30, 2022

3dEYE Reduce Deployment Time by 90% with Amazon ECS

Pure cloud video surveillance provider 3dEYE wanted to simplify the installation process for its customers by building a scalable, flexible architecture in the cloud. Because many of its customers use on-premises hardware or equipment of their own, 3dEYE was also looking for a set of solutions that would support a hybrid infrastructure and handle vast amounts of continuous, streaming data from over 50,000 customers.

To reduce barriers to entry and scale to demand, 3dEYE looked to Amazon Web Services (AWS), and it decided to containerize its workloads using Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), a fully managed container orchestration service that makes it easy for businesses to deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications. By containerizing its workloads, 3dEYE has deployed a hybrid environment that can support up to 200 Gbps of live video streaming. The company has also reduced deployment time and can focus more of its efforts on innovation and product development since working on AWS.

Using AWS, we don’t worry about adding new customers, cameras, or devices anymore because everything works right away in real time.

Slava Hrytsevich
Chief Executive Officer and Founder, 3dEYE

Optimizing Infrastructure Resources

Founded in 2014, 3dEYE is a pure cloud video software-as-a-service solution that resolves hardware dependency and supports virtually any internet protocol or network video recorder camera. 3dEYE’s customers can deploy and scale turnkey cloud business with no upfront investment using artificial intelligence analytics, multilayered administration, and billing.

3dEYE originally managed its own data center and servers, which required significant time and resources to maintain. Moreover, the company had to expend resources to manually install, maintain, and upgrade its surveillance and video services for customers who used a private cloud. As the company grew, 3dEYE wanted to expand its cybersecurity services without managing infrastructure and simplify the installation process for its customers.

To achieve these goals, the company explored multiple cloud solutions, and in 2016, 3dEYE trialed Amazon ECS on a proof-of-concept project, which helped it determine how the solution would perform. After comparing it to other available solutions on the market, the company went all in on AWS services in 2018.

Improving Scale and Simplifying Maintenance

In 2021, 3dEYE implemented Amazon ECS Anywhere, a feature of Amazon ECS that lets users easily run container workloads on customer-managed infrastructure, to better support its customers with a hybrid infrastructure. “Using Amazon ECS Anywhere solves all these issues by seamlessly integrating on-premises servers into existing AWS infrastructure,” says Slava Hrytsevich, chief executive officer and founder of 3dEYE. “Amazon ECS Anywhere drastically cuts our involvement into everyday monitoring and management of on-premises installations, freeing resources to move on to the next.” The company’s customers appreciate this hybrid approach because they can use their existing infrastructure and have access to the latest technology. Using Amazon ECS Anywhere, 3dEYE reduced deployment time by 90 percent. Onboarding new telecommunications customers used to take as long as 40 days; now, it takes less than 1 week.

In addition to scalability, 3dEYE needed strong performance to support around 200 Gbps of data for continuous live video streaming. “With the number of cameras we support, we process close to 300 million events per day,” says Hrytsevich. “On AWS, we can scale to meet that need without any compute, storage, or network problems.”

By going all in on AWS services, 3dEYE has been able to reduce compute costs and focus on innovation. The company reallocated 30 percent of its staff from IT support to product development where they can directly impact customers. 3dEYE can also sample services without an ongoing commitment, paying only for the data and bandwidth that it needs. “Using AWS, we’ve been able to concentrate on our product,” says Hrytsevich. “We can develop and deliver features faster without needing to predict the infrastructure that we need because we’re not tied to paying for a service up front.”

Expanding with Ease on AWS

3dEYE plans to connect new hardware and devices to Amazon ECS Anywhere as the company continues to expand into cloud-connected hardware and cybersecurity services. “Using AWS, we don’t worry about adding new customers, cameras, or devices anymore because everything works right away in real time,” says Hrytsevich.


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