June 8, 2022

Article: 3dEYE Platform Updates (June 2022)

You can co-brand with 3dEYE TM or purchase the complete white label license. Use this simple explainer PDF to visualize the difference.
Published on
June 8, 2022

Quick and Easy Plug and Play Deployment with 3dEYE Gateway

The new 3dEYE gateway unit enables partners to quickly establish a plug & play connection in bulk with any camera brand.

The unit also includes forty I/O pins, capability to analog and IP dual audio device connection and supports up to 50 cameras.

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External Authentication for Cloud Monitoring Station

Now you can simplify the administration of the monitoring station and remove the second login step for your security guards. Use the Single Sign-On technology to centralize the user management and streamline the platform access for your users. This provides for easier access management while keeping the login process simple and consistent for the end-users.

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People Counting Analytics Update

Now you can easily see how many people have passed through an area in a time period without pre-defining the analyzed area.

The update allows you to quickly analyze and compare on demand the traffic patterns in different areas of your location such, for example, as peak traffic hours at a cash register in a store or a traffic jam on a street.

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Are you Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value?

Security integrators have seen their margins shrink as the technology world shifts and becomes more competitive. The RMR models allow integrators, resellers and installers to create a steady income stream without changing much in the way they are used to operate. Watch this brief video on how to improve your ROI.

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360° Panoramic Capture with Cloud-Enabled Fisheye Camera

The Uniview IPC815SB-ADF14K-I0 fisheye camera is a high resolution, dual audio, I/O, outdoor weather-proof, camera capable of recording a 360° panoramic video.

Dewarp footage and manage two-way audio for free  with 3dEYE Pure Cloud Video Management Platform.

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Comparing White Label License with Co-Branding

You can co-brand with 3dEYE TM or purchase the complete white label license. Use this simple explainer PDF to visualize the difference. Build your turn-key solution with the blocks provided by 3dEYE platform including the admin and video portals, native iOS & Android apps, alarm station, integrations and add-ons.

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