December 14, 2022

3dEYE Platform Updates (October 2022)

Now you can use 3dEYE Gateway to integrate any device, even if the device does not comply with ONVIF standards or has critical errors in ONVIF implementation.
Published on
December 14, 2022

Add any camera or NVR using 3dEYE Gateway

Now you can use 3dEYE Gateway to integrate any device, even if the device does not comply with ONVIF standards or has critical errors in ONVIF implementation. No longer do you have to compromise security and open ports, enjoy the highest level of protection and easy integration process with the new method that allows you to add any H.264 capable device through our Gateway in bulk.

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Control 3dEYE Gateway using Web hooks

Control GPIO outputs on the 3dEYE Gateway with web-hooks feature has been rolled out for you to enhance security and be able to automate workflows at your clients' site without the need for any additional smart devices. Use simple relays and standard lights or sirens to create a deterrence system that will be controlled by smart events-based workflows from our platform.

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Simplified SSO user creation and add a second copy of the Plug and Play camera

Single Sign On users or “External users” can be easily created through a separate "create a user" form now. This is an improvement from the previous version of the platform that caused confusion about what type of user has to be created.

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Coming soon🔥: Supporting EDGE recording for archive continuity

3dEYE  is rolling out the edge recording support for internet outage backups. This means that for the cameras with SD cards and NVRs of ONVIF profile G, the platform will be able to recover lost footage from the device memory and rebuild the archive in the cloud to ensure the continuity of the video archives. This news will make the life easier for our clients located in remote areas with unstable internet connection.

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Improved AI object label positioning

With the latest update, it is even easier to see what object types were detected by 3dEYE advanced AI Analytics algorithms. Each analytics label occupies its own space now and does not overlap with other labels even when multiple objects are displayed in the camera view window.

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Visit us at the Security Canada Central

Visit 3dEYE booth # 910 at the Security Canada Central on October 19th and 20th at the Toronto Congress Centre. We will demo our Cloud Alarm Station live, share the latest platform updates, offer a show-only price promotion and more. Please click the button below to schedule a face-to-face meeting with 3dEYE at CANASA in Toronto, and claim your free tickets first.

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Have you enrolled for 3dEYE Certification Program?

Certified partners already enjoy the access to the priority tech support with 3dEYE. Ensure your staff is proficient in deploying the latest cloud surveillance platform by taking advantage of the 6-hours training and examination by our certification instructors. Start with the online survey here.

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Save 10% on Upfront Payments

We are pleased to remind you that we offer a 10% annual fee reduction if you commit to a year-long subscription and pay in advance. This offer is available for any fixed plans you associate with cameras. Please contact your Account Executive and start saving today.

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