December 7, 2021

Article: Top 10 Applications of Video Analytics Softwares

The main goal of cloud video analytics is to automatically recognize temporal and spatial events in videos with higher precision and at scale.
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December 7, 2021

The main goal of cloud video analytics is to automatically recognize temporal and spatial events in videos with higher precision and at scale.

In the past, surveillance relied on a person to concurrently monitor numerous cameras to visually assess what was happening in each feed in order to identify suspicious events which may require physical security response. However, because humans can only monitor so much footage at a time, this is inefficient and prone to errors, often resulting in missing occurrences, as well as wasted time and money.

Cloud video analytics have been developed to solve this problem and scale the identification of significant events through computer algorithms. Specifically, artificial intelligence video analytics automatically examines video feeds to identify elements such as objects, colors, faces, among others, to notify an operator so they may effectively monitor more cameras at one time.

The research results by Gartner show us that it’s essential to integrate AI into your service portfolio to capture maximum value:

"Worldwide artificial intelligence (AI) software revenue is forecast to total $62.5 billion in 2022, an increase of 21.3% from 2021."

On November 26, 2021 3dEYE organized  an online webinar on the importance of video analytics as a part of VSaaS offering and for that hashed out the following list of most popular video analytics cases based on its clients’ cumulative feedback.

Top 10 Applications of Video Analytics:

  1. Security Automation: providing both safety and peace of mind, object classification, and tracking, video analytics are invaluable in shortening response time, reducing false alarms and scaling security services. Examples of rule-based object detection include: detecting a human passing through an area, detecting a car in a parking lot, detecting an object in a specific area in a specified time interval. By utilizing API and WebHooks, 3dEYE cloud analytics can also be connected to existing systems or monitoring stations. And within the 3dEYE platform is an included alarm monitoring portal for real-time notifications and alert rules. It is also possible to push object classification events to third parties such as guards and police, and also share events, video clips, and cameras.
  2. Monitoring station guards’ work becomes easier using cloud video analytics by defining cameras and objects that populate the black screen, incoming video events can be acknowledged or escalates, with preset event categories and notes, and receiving data over webhook is possible in order to connect to an existing monitoring station.
  3. Efficient investigation through AI search: utilizing cutting-edge video analytics including area search, attribute search, and the VMS features of synchronized view can be integral in quickening the investigation of CCTV during video verification, accident search, and evidence gathering.
  4. Work Site Safety: To ensure the workers safety on an industrial site, or a construction site, personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial. Video analytics for Hard Hats detection and other PPE is mostly used in construction,  mining or at the oil rigs.
  5. COVID-19 pandemic compliance: leveraging the latest cloud analytics of area search and people counting, occupancy management in residential buildings and venues, education institutions can now be better utilized. Also access to public spaces and work sites can be limited by integrated thermal body temperature alerts.
  6. Identification of objects with the precision available through high resolution hardware and Face Recognition and ALPR algorithms allow for better transportation management, theft prevention and access control.
  7. Marketing, merchandising, and foot traffic analysis: utilizing built-in heat maps analytics, high traffic areas and visitor paths can be identified. This can be valuable to plan traffic in exhibition spaces for example.
  8. Smart spaces & Capacity planning: similarly, heat map video analytics can be valuable in event venues and tourist attractions in order to manage staffing and transportation based on the traffic within the camera view. Traffic can also be easily compared between different time spans at a glance. For example, to determine the amount of public transportation needed at a specific time to keep flow of visitors manageable.
  9. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): monitor workforce SOPs, equipment usage, or shop floor activity to ensure superior Quality Assurance and efficient resource utilization. Gain visibility of all workforce actions and compliance of manual assembly operating procedures.
  10. Regulatory compliance: video analytics can be integral to the management of toll routes, HOV lane enforcement and vehicle speed control for example.

Unlike some other security cloud video application on the market, 3dEYE never attempts to lock clients into proprietary hardware, expensive licenses, hidden fees, or capex investments, but instead empowers its clients to work with existing video security hardware, or choose to install their preferred brands, and leverage plug & play technology to enwrap an all-in-one cloud product with bandwidth-friendly and flexible streaming plans and suite of cloud analytics and add-ons to offer the best surveillance solution. Easily unifying multi-site and brand surveillance is finally becoming a reality to value-added resellers around the world. If you are interested in learning more then sign up for a trial or schedule a product demo at

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