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How to Avoid Port Forwarding with 3dEYE Pure Cloud Plug&Play SolutionAugust 5, 1 pm EST


November 8, 2019

VoxMe successfully integrate 3dEYE into theirs Virtual Survey services increasing value of the product

3dEYE is proud to be a software partner of VoxMe, a leading provider in the integrated solutions for removals and fine arts logistics. 3dEYE’s expertise working with the cloud video streams optimisation helped VoxMe offer Virtual Video Survey, a cloud-based platform for conducting virtual pre-move surveys via 2-way video chat with recording. The company positions it as a convenient survey app add-on, modestly priced to justify a couple of advantages over free options.

“The professionalism of 3dEYE team helped us achieve our goal of offering our clients a complete solution,” says Max Kreynin, Managing Partner, VoxMe.

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