April 16, 2021

3dEYE Speaks About the Benefits of Unifying Multiple Surveillance Sites with its Pure Cloud Platform

Clients and broader industry tuned in for a webinar organized by 3dEYE sharing the benefits of unifying multiple surveillance sites with its pure cloud platform
Published on
April 16, 2021

A major challenge of on-premise video security systems is the inability to scale across multiple surveillance locations. Clients managing video security across more than a single location experience technical and costly obstacles. Extending to remote security viewing requires configuring the local network to allow outbound connections of each camera or recorder, and limits access to only a handful of concurrent users, absent of any remote system administration, and limited VMS and mobile app features. It is generally an unpleasant experience and is only complicated when remote viewing is necessary to more than a single site, with access by more than a single user at an organization. Scaling a traditional camera, NVR, and VMS software system across multiple sites will quickly prove to be cumbersome and lead to additional long-term challenges such as the constant need to maintain hardware, software and network connectivity (cybersecurity issues arise ), significant capex costs, and limited opportunity for features, add-ons, and integration deployment.

A pure cloud platform is ideal to resolve these challenges of multi-site surveillance management. Where on-prem storage appliances fall short in extending to a rich remote video security experience, a cloud VMS successfully meets all clients' needs, is scalable and flexible for different storage scenarios. The 3dEYE Pure Cloud VMS platform is an enterprise solution supporting all types of video security deployments, and especially useful for security integrators, managed IT companies and telecom operators seeking to provide a rich VMS platform to end-users. 3dEYE is compatible with nearly all security cameras (all ONVIF-compliant IP cameras, NVRs, and analog cameras connected via a hybrid DVR), making it easy to combine the connection of different brand security cameras at all location under a single umbrella. It is also one of the few solutions on the market to not require the capital expenditure of hardware in addition to the security cameras themselves. Cost-sensitive clients appreciate the opportunity to simply extend individual cameras for remote live streaming and, optional cloud recording - bypassing the cost of an NVR/DVR and hard drives. And clients who already invested in on-prem storage appliances recognize the flexibility to manage a scenario of local and cloud storage, all without the additional capex of hardware gateways or bridges (typically required to operate competing solutions). This also frees the client from purchasing licenses for each camera and/or user as well as maintaining the VMS software, which often requires high-specification computers limited to Windows OS.

With 3dEYE Pure Cloud VMS, multi-site surveillance is unified using a suite of web-based portals and features. Administration can be executed remotely by authorized personnel using any device, anywhere in the world, to connect all video security hardware using three different methods (Push Technology, ONVIF, and Generic), manage essential edge settings from within 3dEYE, partition viewing and feature access to particular groups of users, enable real-time system and sensor alerts (email and push notification delivery), and deploy valuable cloud add-ons such as cloud analytics and time lapse among many other features and benefits of centralized remote surveillance administration. The viewing of all different types of video security hardware is combined within a responsive web VMS portal with features to control talk-down (camera audio speaker and microphone), PTZ, camera location, cloud footage archive, review and search through video Events using object detection categories, object color and area search, view dynamic heat maps of activity, generate people counting statistics, leverage face recognition technology, save and share clips and timelapses. By using a pure cloud VMS, viewing is no longer restricted in the number of users nor does it apply additional strain to the local network for each viewer as camera livestreams are pulled a single time and redistributed to unlimited viewers via the cloud. This way scalability is achieved in every facet of the video security system while providing maximum flexibility for both the integrator and end-users.

Reach out to request access to watch the webinar recording of the How to unify multiple site surveillance and IP cameras session and sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Linkedin to be notified of future webinars. If you are interested in learning more about how 3dEYE Pure Cloud VMS can be transformative to your own video security please sign up for a trial or schedule a demo with sales.

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