May 2, 2023

Article: 3dEYE Platform Updates (April 2023)

Now you can deploy the P&P method for effortless integration of Dahua cameras to your network. With our cutting-edge push module application, you can add a Dahua camera to your network with ease.
Published on
May 2, 2023

Introducing Dahua Plug and Play

Now you can deploy the P&P method for effortless integration of Dahua cameras to your network. With our cutting-edge push module application, you can add a Dahua camera to your network with ease. Say goodbye to tedious network and time settings configuration, and hello to hassle-free connection! Follow the steps in our guide to configure your camera's network and time settings, install the push module, and add your camera to our portal. Access the Knowledge Base for all details here.

Transforming Video Monitoring: 3dEYE Alarm Station Empowered by ChatGPT

Get ready for a groundbreaking experience with ChatGPT - an AI powerhouse developed by OpenAI, that will transform your work at the 3dEYE alarm station in 2023. With its advanced natural language processing and video analytics capabilities, ChatGPT can rapidly and accurately comprehend screen events. Additionally, it can automate repetitive tasks and learn from previous actions, enhancing its effectiveness over time.

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Scaling Cloud ALPR Analytics to Existing IP Cameras

Take your surveillance to the next level with 3dEYE's cloud-based ALPR add-on for your existing IP cameras: our scalable and user-friendly analytics deliver unbeatable accuracy, reliability, and affordability, unlike outdated on-premise ALPR systems. With real-time alerts and cutting-edge AI analytics such as object detection, tracking, people counting, fire and smoke detection and more, you can now monitor parking lots, secure areas, and traffic like a pro.

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Share SSO Provider with your Sub-accounts

You can now share the SSO provider across various accounts and allow other customers and sub-integrators to configure and manage the SSO parameters in one place. This not only saves you time and effort but also helps you maintain consistency and security across all your accounts. This is particularly useful for large organizations or companies with multiple branches, as it simplifies the management of SSO parameters and reduces the potential for errors.

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Achieve Optimal Analytics Results in Lower Bandwidth Situations

With 3dEYE, you can enable smart object detection on any ONVIF-compatible camera, regardless of the video stream resolution. To achieve the best results while using less than 200 Kbps bandwidth, proper camera positioning, lighting, and frame rate settings are essential. By optimizing camera positioning and FPS, you can improve AI accuracy and allow for lower resolutions to be used. It is also recommended to use narrow field-of-view cameras to reliably detect objects at greater distances.

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Cloud-enable your Network with 3dEYE Gateway

Are you tired of the challenges that come with connecting IP cameras for your clients in remote locations? The 3dEYE Gateway can help you efficiently cloud-enable your network, securely connecting IP cameras and IoT devices in bulk. Our platform allows you to send webhooks via a PUSH connection to trigger IO output, enhancing automation and security on your site without the need for smart devices. Discover the benefits of cloud automation and video management with 3dEYE Gateway. Join the conversation.

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